“When you’re immersed in an activity that is simultaneously challenging, invigorating and meaningful, you experience a joyful state called “Flow.”


The Flow Event Group is a team of creative professionals who excel at their craft. Our goal is to create f#$%*^g spectacular events! Excuse the expletive, we just get excited about this stuff. We radiate positivity! We strive to create fun, laughter, and cutting-edge artistic design in every event. We execute our vision through Cinematic Videography, Photography, DJ Production & Event Design with only the very best talent we can find!

Our clients say

We loved everything you did for us! We appreciate you so much. Without you our wedding would’ve never been the same. You recommended all the best vendors, helped us find our venue and planned the best post ceremony celebration ever. You are much much more then most people will ever know. Thank you for all of your time and care. You captured moments throughout the day that our priceless. And as always, having seen you perform so many times before. You rocked our party all night long. We are so thankful for all of your special gifts.
— Kate & Scott

Our video team features 4k aerial video drone footage and shoots with only the best HD video equipment.  Available for high-end packages is the Red Epic-X Camera & Lighting Package.  See more videos under "Our Services" and "Flow Video Reel!"



2013 Diamond Award Judge’s Choice Winner for Best Musical Entertainment by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine! 


We’re small. Our size explains so much about why our agency is so great to work with. We all began our DJ careers working for agencies so large that we couldn’t even remember a third of their names! Needless to say, working with the Flow Event Group is a much more personal experience. We’re small because we are the elite few who rose to the top at other agencies. We moved on in order to do things our way and give clients an experience they couldn’t even think to ask for.  When you have the experience we do, we confidently can bring more fun to the table. We can surprise you, all the while giving you everything you know and love. We are members of six different record pools, which means we have music coming in from around the world, all with unique intros, beats and remixes. 


Meet our Flow DJ's:









The latest LED and intelligent programmable lighting.


Flow Event Group leads the field in value, content driven lighting decor with an array of custom lighting solutions.  Our uplighting upgrades are a spectacular addition to your venue with lighting design setups starting at only $395.



It’s a photobooth on steroids!


It’s all about the memories – when the day comes and goes all your left with are memories. And in this case some very funny ones – on video – photo gifs – anyway they want! Your favorite people captured for an eternity the way you want to remember them. The LiveBooth!