Los Angeles // Where is Mercury?

If you want to be a rock and roll star, buy yourself an electric guitar and learn to play. It’s some of the best advice I ever heard. It comes from a prelude to an MTV live music set by the Counting Crows in the late 90’s. I find myself mouthing the words after an interaction with the supposed insta famous cartel on a Thursday night in LA. Coachella starts tomorrow, technically today as it’s 2am and the day changed. We won’t be in bed for 10 more hours. I don’t know that yet.

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I can feel this unique residue on my skin. She touches it. She likes it. An hour earlier I was dancing with a snake wrapped around me. I named it Phil. Who’s ever been afraid of something called Phil? Not me? This was a big snake. My first snake dance. Some girl just put it on me. I assume she was momma to the snake. You gotta give it to LA some times, not many late night clubs have snakes to dance with throughout the night. Certain places just create adventure.

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Three years ago flying into LA, I met a girl on the airplane. She was assigned next to me. I had the cheapest ticket (a middle seat) she was my window. Needless to say when we landed she was giving me a ride 45 minutes away to my destination. It was going to be an expensive UBER. God works in mysterious ways. That trip was filled with so much spontaneous perfection. Looking back it feels like a dream. You wonder how so many things could’ve worked out so perfectly. Was I extra nice that week? Was I looking better than usual? Did it have something to do with where Mercury was? I have no idea about Mercury but for funnies sake, I like to explain all my great life fortunes to where Mercury was. People usually just look confused and then I can move on. “You’re a damn rock star and don’t forget it.”

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Los Angeles California Lifestyle Photographer
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I message a friend who needed a cheerleader. I think cheerleaders are far under appreciated in life. Cheerleaders are divine. When I’m being perfect I’m always trying to be someone’s cheerleader. And I’ll never be sad when one of my cheerleaders is near by. I’ve been calling people rock starts much more often now and ever since. It must have been LA. After you see the rock stars closets, you realize they are a lot more messed up than you. And I’m sure the life can be fun but only to the level that you can appreciate it. They need a cheerleader right now and I play all the roles. Great photographers could also be called the best cheerleaders. We cheer you on. You may be cold. It may be windy. Some tourists back there may be seeing up your dress but right now we don’t care about any of that. We are here to capture you in the moment. This is your album cover. You picked up the guitar and learned to play and here you are to show the world. Show me.

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Daniel + Angela // Sleepy Eye

Things go better when Flow runs the show! I kid you not, I had three different brides call me on this Saturday. I was only shooting one of their weddings. There was electricity in the air. The real electricity this time as monstrous storms were rolling through Minnesota. My bride called me asking what they should do with this downpour. I told her not to worry. We got this. We’ll get everything and more... and we did... with so much more!

People, potential suitors, my own mother... all have asked what makes you special. While I don’t know the real answer, the short answer is that I can make anything great. I’ve turned coal to gold and ugly to beauty and sadness to orgasmic joy. The other brides didn’t seem to like their photographers too much and were freaking out cause their photographer wasn’t doing anything because of the rain. All she had were some inside shots and she knew they couldn’t have been anything special. She asked for advice. And my advice was as follows. 

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I want to feel it all. Not everyone is great as you! In the lack of greatness, you have to rise to the occasion and make it happen. No sooner did the words leave my mouth that I remembered my old, broken down wallet that I received from my now-deceased grandfather. The wallet would still be here today if it didn’t rip everywhere. I kept losing 5’s, then 10’s but after the 20’s kept flying away, I felt my grandpa would understand. I’m still bitter that things rip in life. The rip-less items will always find my favor. A piece of paper wrinkled at the bottom of that wallet read “make it happen.” A philosophy you would see in every action of my life, if only you were there for it. A lot of people are dumb, or lazy or just trying to get by with the minimum amount of annoyances. It’s totally okay. I don’t mind at all. I just don’t get value from them and, therefore, supersede them at any moment that is presented. This is what we should all do. Make it happen. Make the best things possible happen. When I’m given the task to do something - I’ll care more than most when I love it and I only do the things I love. If I’m there with you now - I love you. What can I say. It’s raining. I like to get wet. I hope you do, too. I like danger. I hope you do, too. You want to experience it all. Good! I’ll push you past your boundaries to the place where a new life begins again. So do that! Does that make sense?

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I received a smiley face back. Who doesn’t love a challenge on a wedding day! Send them all our way otherwise. I’d comment about the beauty here but pictures are the most fabulous for one reason. They speak a thousand words all by themselves.

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Photography: Flow Event Group | Videography: Flow Event Group | Bridal Suite: Friendz Salon & Tanning | Ceremony: St. Mary's Catholic Church | Reception: Sleepy Eye Event Center | Florist: A to Zinnia | Dress: Raffine Bridal | Solid Robes: Blair and Emily | Floral Robes: Fig and Vine | Makeup: Sophia Thao | Hair: Ellie Guffin, Anna Rose, Jennifer Hinderman

Genette + Jesse // Centennial Lakes Park

True art is really at its core, very raw. If you don’t plan on getting a little dirty, I guarantee you won’t like it or I’ll likely hurt you (accidentally). It’s exposure and vulnerability, it’s trust at the highest levels, where my life is in your hands. Just don’t drop me, we pray. We have to let go. What will be, will be. Does this path end with your bliss? If not, you’re on the wrong road. Turn back for your own safety.


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I hadn’t laced up my skates in 2 years. I had two large Canon 1D Mark II’s strapped to my handmade leather straps. People often comment about it being a gun holster. A great photographer really is a hired gun if you think about it. We are there to adventure with you and capture every moment as perfectly as possible and the moment never comes back again. You can fake it if you like, but we all know that it’s never as good to fake it. It certainly is not as fun. For the sake of all that is holy in this world, I have to make sure that we are having fun. If it’s not fun, I’m not sure why we are. What are we capturing? You, here, this background, smiling, holding flowers? This means nothing to me. What story are you trying to tell? Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan is playing on my AirPods. Coincidence? I believe in coincidences. Follow them where they lead. It was the first lesson from the Celestine Prophecy. Follow your coincidences as they help guide you to your path. This was my answer. This is the story I was trying to tell. I want to make you feel their love. Feel it?

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The moment my skates hit the ice, I went down. I figured it was like riding a bike and I just would remember how good I was as a kid. I remembered after I fell. I cracked a bone in my hand. No one could tell. The show must go on. I saved the cameras and lenses and that was the most important thing. We all die someday but my cameras will not die today! Anyone catch the movie reference? It’s obscure but poignant. That’s how I approach every shoot. We are putting it all on the line and all we have is this moment, so let’s be fricken perfect!

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Centennial Lakes Engagement Photography

It was zero degrees and Genette and Jesse played without a care in the world! Don’t you just love love? Engagement shoots can be so fun. Walking to a coffee shop can be soooo fun, too. It’s all about how you execute your vision. Its all about how vulnerable you’re willing to get. Jesse wasn’t an Olympic skater but together he knew they’d be okay. Genette knew all along, you’ll catch me if I fall... or better yet, pick me up when I’m down. The metaphors are honestly endless, aren’t they? This is creation -raw, a fresh cracked bone, chasing lovers on the ice, a Lauri Meinhardt original tutu, flowers by Wisteria Design, and warm hot coco in the Centennial Lakes Park chalet. To think today, we shot a largely naked couple, it was also raw, but only in a slightly different way.

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Couple: Gennette + Jesse | Styling: Flow Event Group | Florals: Wisteria Design | Location: Centennial Lakes Park

Jared + Zak // Ignite Glass Studios

Bad flow is just something I have been able to read since puberty (my mom would say since I was born). It’s in alignment with my superpower. I remember praying in college for definitive proof that homosexuality was God’s creation and therefore not something that the “holy than thou” hypocrites can judge and persecute. Yes, my prayers have always been specific and complex. Remember this was a time before gay marriage was legal and Macklemore hadn’t even thought of the “Same Love” classic yet. The powers that be brought me Jared!

Jared stood behind me in the airport line as we were about to board to study abroad in London. Evidently, I turned around and said “Hi, I’m Rick” and we were friends ever since. No one in college or studying abroad with us ever knew he was gay. He knew he was, of course, but wasn’t comfortable coming out yet. Fast forward a few months and we were sufficiently inebriated one night in Athens, Greece. Our friendship was quite evolved by then and we’re talking about everything. I asked him how long he had known he was gay and he said, since the second grade. Definitive proof acquired - thank you, God. Jared was a dream for a friend when I was going through the most emotionally difficult time of my life. I had recently just had to watch someone I love die. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience but your suffering certainly makes you stronger. We threw caution to the wind and where we went, the party followed (themes are created when you don’t even know they’re happening). It literally followed - sometimes 40 plus on our tails from adventure to bar to the streets. Twenty years old and lost in the streets of London in a time when cell phones don’t even exist. Can you imagine? I have stories from this time of my life that I can’t even believe are real and yet they are. I’ve learned that if you let go (letting go being the most provocative advice to those on the spiritual journey), you certain will fly in ways you couldn’t imagine from the moments before when you were holding on so tight.

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Jared and Zak epitomize the idea of perfect balance in the universe. All great relationships find balance. Balance is the way the world breathes and I imagine the way the gods express their love for us. They didn’t care about photos at their wedding. They wanted them but what they really wanted was to enjoy the experience. They had all their friends come to a venue less than a mile from their home in Chicago and the after bar was their own local bar down the street. Jenny and I shot this wedding and I DJ’d it as well. It was a theme of 2018. We basically just took care of our clients from beginning to end. I will admit, this is the only way to guarantee great Flow. They had glass blown special for their day. It was hot! Jared sang Walking in Memphis to a crowd singing right along with him. Zak had multiple dance offs to the likes of Britney and Robyn. Zak is the dancer in the family. Jenny and I still have dance off battles to see who will win the dancing championship between us.

Ignite Glass Studio Wedding Photographer

They jumped on a pedicab at the end! All the guests cheering them off to the after bar that followed. I’m DJing still from the UE Boom speaker in my pocket. The party goes with the music. I tossed them the speaker and paired them up. They took off into the streetlights, music in hand. I stood in the middle of the street and breathed it in. There they go! Happiness! Jenny ran down the street to capture one more shot. After midnight, we still can’t be stopped.

Ignite Glass Studio Chicago Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
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I wrote for the St. Thomas newspaper in college. My final article was titled, “He shouldn’t have to fear.” It was about about a popular kid in college, who many knew by name, but didn’t really know. It discussed the climate of sexuality and acceptance. It cited an unknown character (which took a lot of convincing as the paper had never had an unnamed source before). He was gay, but never felt comfortable coming out to the UST community. It was the final weeks of college and people I’d never talked to kept coming up to me thanking me for that article. At the time, I’m positive I wasn’t even fully aware of the reason for this impact. I get it now.

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The road to Zak and Jared is much more than a story of love and a wedding. It’s a story of self discovery. It’s a story of challenge, road blocks and difficulties that most will never understand. It’s a story of being who you are, risking everything, being kicked out of your own family, not being loved, not being accepted and saying f$&k that! It’s a story about letting your light shine so bright that love finds you exactly where you are.

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Photography: Flow Event Group || Getting Ready: Jared + Zak’s Home || Wedding Planner: Lion Hearted Events || Venue: Ignite Glass Studios || Florist: Steve’s Flower Market || Food: Tasty Catering || Cake: West Town Bakery || DJ: Flow Event Group

Lindsay + Jared // The Hutton House

Before I even knew what River Rats were, I was a river rat! I’m a fabulous water skier and in Minneapolis, the only place you can take that skill set to is the river where water skiers wow an ever underwhelming crowd to the delights of ski jumps and human pyramids. It’s the fun stuff! 

Rewind, to years ago, when I was recruited to help teach people the real God. After years of communion and a St. Thomas University education, I became quite versed in the word of God. I became so versed in this God that I saw an immediate and never ending need to help others learn the real need for God in their lives. In my humble opinion, this God is often times not the God you hear on Sunday. That God is made for third graders and the generation around nearing the end. My friends in large graduated high school, most college and many others education beyond even that. You are who you surround yourself with, right? 

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God is an overused marketing plow in the wedding world. Weddings are a spiritual experience that derive from a place of great faith so it would make sense that a religious crowd embraces it. When I was first shooting weddings, I was primarily doing video. I have had the pleasure to shadow 200 plus photographers. I have seen all their tricks and methods. It really is the best education for a photographer. As an observer, you can see who does it right and who makes it awkward and no fun. Needless to say, the Flow prides itself on fun at a galactic level. I even shot weddings with countless photographers who wouldn’t shoot gay weddings. It disagreed with their faith. I laughed at them. Whatever they may say about me, my relationships are authentic. The first girl I liked in college told me all Jewish people were going to hell. I told her she was crazy. I know, you shouldn’t tell girls they are crazy, but there must be exceptions that can be made. Needless to say, some priest, somewhere is misleading his tribe down the road of ruins. Given my education and completed book reports, I have a resume that easily competes with the church leaders today.

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The Hutton House Grooms Suite
The Hutton House Grooms Suite

This is how I met Lindsay, talking to Edina kids about God through the Upper Room. Certain people just gravitate towards you and Lindsay wasn’t buying what the other leaders were selling as it really was far too elementary. So, we talked about real stuff and how to make our spiritual understanding create a more fulfilling and satisfying life. One good conversation is more powerful than years of time with the boring people, selling redundant, outdated information. Moral of the story, don’t believe people who follow the god that sends others to hell and judge a man for being genetically wired to love other men. On the grand scale of things, we know nothing about this life. Those who claim to know, do so for money or power and more often than not will stunt your growth. I want my people to fly!

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We flew! I strapped my cameras on at 10am and they didn’t come off until 12:30am. I also Dj’d the entire wedding here at The Hutton House. I know how to make my friends rage all night long and they raged so well that they set a new bar for my own wedding some day! We were laughing from the very beginning. The entire day was an experience in joy. Jared is not only one of the luckiest guys in the world but he’s also a Canadian and a hockey player... it’s the perfect match for Lindsay, whose mother is Canadian and father always wanted a hockey player. Clearly, there is more to these stars in the sky than meets they eye. I really love them both. New friends, check! 

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During the wedding my white tee undershirt read “River Ra” with the river rat stenciled in. Ten years ago we got these shirts in Moab, Utah during a church retreat. Lindsay and I thought it was funny to leave off the T from rat. River Ra! It still makes me laugh :)

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Photography: Flow Event Group | DJ: Flow Event Group | Videography: Andrew GilmoreVideography | Ceremony and Reception: The Hutton House | Florist: Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry | Dress: m.Elizabeth Bridal | Makeup: Afton | Hair: Maddie Johnson | Wedding Planner: Nikki Hill Weddings | Specialty Wedding Rentals: Collected & Co. | Gourmet Marshmallows: North Mallow | Bride: Lindsay

KDWB Star Party 2018 // NE-YO • BEBE REXHA • MAX • LAUV • JACK & JACK

“Music is how the gods communicate. In honor of the gods request, we are going to schedule a rendezvous with them. This celebration will be thrown at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee this year. It’s the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June! Since most of you know I will definitely be dying young (everyone included in this text knows this) this could be the final party, last hooray if you will. I'd like to go out in style, under the hot Tennessee sun listening to great music, camping with all my favorite friends, realizing that life is really too short, singing come on baby light my fire, making new friends, dancing, and dancing more and more... so lets enjoy this moment! This is your save the date. I hope you find it as important to be there as I do. I know how special and important it would be for me. Amen. More updates coming soon!”

Jack & Jack KDWB Star Party 2018

This was my invite to Bonnaroo 2015! I rented a camper, bought a bunch of tickets and filled it up. Coincidentally, I followed up this event by celebrating and shooting in Tomorrowland in Belgium, The Yacht Week in Croatia, and 3 weddings from that exact Bonnaroo group, a slew of new friends followed and literally every relationship grew stronger (at least for those who came with). Those left at home, scared to come, afraid of a new experience, saying they don’t have the money (we are all as rich as our priorities allow us to be), or those who needed babysitters (I am a professional babysitter and even I need a vacation from that from time to time), those sad souls left behind... those relationships didn’t grow. They suffered and sometimes ended entirely. My mother always told me to never burn a bridge and to the best of my abilities, I never have. Some bridges, however, come crumbling down because of poor construction and others are built in deserts I’ll never visit. 

Lauv Concert KDWB Star Party

The marketing plan for Flow has been rather simple. There is none. It started because I like throwing epic celebrations. I have a good ear for music and a decent eye for composition and story telling. I’m also simply very excited about good times with great people. I mean this is what we live for! Celebration is my offering. Smiling and laughing are my blessings that become a gift to anyone who embraces it. In return the gods show their appreciation by giving me energy that is of another world.

KDWB_StarParty_FlowEventGroup-168 (1).jpg
KDWB_StarParty_FlowEventGroup-177 (1).jpg

I had a conversation with a man named Jordan in Bonnaroo one night. He was on another ethereal plain, perhaps accompanied by the enlightenment of acid. He claimed he could see my spirit vibrating with light that no one else on the entire grounds possessed. Everything negative, I could turn positive. Every frown that came my way became a smile. Anyone who touched me orgasmed uncontrollably. I learned that day that love and the energy existing in our bodies is far more complex than we are currently aware of. We are all mere children in the understanding of connection. We think friendship is based on time, experiences and trust and love is based on sex and added value. This is merely a scrape of the frosting to the multiple layers of cake that’s within. I took a small nibble that day.

Bebe rexha KDWB Star Party

The AT&T girl picked me out of a crowd. I had come out of the bathroom and in the sea of endless people lost my new friends (3 gals I had met who attached themselves to me - wherever you gals are, I hope you’re fabulous)! I was smiling and dancing and there she was. I didn’t even know she was the AT&T girl at the time. She said she was an actress and director. We took in Billy Joel together, shared a spliff, sang, danced. She left her friends for me. Unfortunately for some, when’s others are coming down I’m often still going up, up and up and up until all the music has stopped. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous you may be and how much good food lay before you, when it’s “me” time, you keep up or be left behind. It’s not personal. I wouldn’t ask anyone to slow their roll for another when new adventures are the goal. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be limited either. There’ll be plenty of time for life to hold you back later on I promise. I finally texted her back this summer when I saw her on “This Is Us.” After all, time is an illusion and living outside of time and space is a higher evolution. I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Actresses need some torment in life to be great. Pure happiness forever was never going to aid her in her career. 

Buried in this rambling story is a job interview. If you really want to be an event photographer for us, you’ll need to understand the words here before you and you’ll need to start training now for the vibration necessary to keep up with us in the future.

Photography: Flow Event Group || Host: 101.3 KDWB || Venue: Muse Event Center || Acts: Jack & Jack | LAUV | MAX | BEBE REXHA | Ne-Yo

Devon + Branden // The 3 Ten Event Venue

The way light attaches to a girl. Words that echo in my head. It’s funny how words stick out to you and never let you go, re-emerging at different times in your life. The song, Long December plays. It’s been a favorite of mine since I heard it in high school. It finds its way back to my current playlist every December. Now over 6 months later I’m writing the blog. I’ve realized I’ll never really be that good at things I don’t care about. It seems common sense, I suppose. When it comes to weddings, I really don’t think much of telling the story after. I submerge myself so much in the moment, the moment now, is the only moment that matters. However, reflection and story telling is a key component for a company and most importantly, a well lived and shared life. 

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Tulips and a Kiss Wedding Bouquet
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3 Ten Event Center Wedding

We, the people of Flow, stay busy. Jenny and I get home at night and think to ourselves, “We haven’t had a night in for two weeks.” We don’t complain. We just try to keep breathing. We know the time will come again when we can share the amazing people and weddings that allowed us the blessing to share in their celebration. That’s really what being in the wedding business is all about. It’s sharing in a celebration. It’s about matching the level of your clients, where ever they are at, and making it better! “Add the cherry to the top,” I yell. They know what I mean. 

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Gatsby Themed Wedding
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Tulips and a Kiss 3Ten Event Center
New York Model Tulips and a Kiss Maggie Soltero
3 Ten Event Center Wedding Photographer Videographer

Today, being a day of rest, I think to myself, why am I doing what I do? If I’m unhappy, I’ll change something. I’ll move. I’ll break up. I’ll quit my job. If you’re serious about making this life the heaven on earth it was created to be, you’ll have to consider bold and ambitious actions. Today, I am happy, perhaps the happiest. At least, as happy as I can be knowing others suffer and knowing I’m doing the best I can in this life to be aware of my unique blessings. I think to myself... How can I use my blessings to make the world a better place for those around me? The answer is often the same, it’s the Flow. It’s why I do what I do. In the end, if our clients hate our pictures or are underwhelmed by our art, I can at least guarantee that they had an amazing time! I’m quite certain very few other photographers can make this claim. It comes down to my core philosophy. Make yourself happy first. Now, I’m here simply to make others happy and their happiness brings my happiness to levels that I could’ve never done on my own. It’s quite magical, isn’t it? 

Minnesota Parks Wedding Ceremony
Three Rivers Park District Wedding Ceremony
3 Ten Events Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Gatsby Themed Wedding Three Parks District

Back to the light and a girl. I happen to be listening to that song when going through security in the JFK airport. The song, coupled by that moment I saw Devon made me smile. Moments like this happen in life never to come full circle again but not this time. An hour later she sits down next to me waiting for our airplane. We’ve been friends ever since. Their wedding was fairytale esque. Jenny learned she can carry our entire DJ setup deep into the woods without a cart. I realized she was superwoman at that time. An added benefit to the day.

The Rivers Park District Wedding Photographer
Elopement Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Devon and Branden got ready in a new venue in Faribault called The 3 Ten Event Venue. If you can convince people to come to Fairbault, you can get this gorgeous venue and save serious dollars! You can thank us all later for the tip. Devon and Branden are the perfect match. It’s like the super model and her debonair rockstar. The most unique experience of the Flow is that all of our clients could also easily be our good friends. I mean, I literally want to be good friends with them all!

So FYI, you all can invite us to anything fun, any time, and Jenny and I will try to be there. Just keep in mind we basically work every Friday and Saturday :) 

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Photography: Flow Event Group | DJ: Flow Event Group | Wedding Suites and Reception: The 3 Ten Event Venue | Ceremony: River Ben Nature Center | Florist:Tulips and a Kiss | Dress: Sottero and Midgley | Makeup: Tatum Telledge | Catering: Hyvee Catering | Bride and Hair: Devon