What We Do.

We create spectacular events! We run around with you all day long and last all night. It's the only way we know how to do it.

After working as a wedding DJ since my early years of college at The University of St. Thomas and seeing how stressed out the bad vendors made couples feel on their wedding days, I was left uninspired. Many vendors didn't know how to communicate with other vendors and ended up asking the couple all of their questions, which left the couples confused, annoyed and to think about everything except of how much they are loving each other on their wedding day. 

On my wedding day, I want to be relaxed, have fun, trust my vendors, laugh, get creative, make out with my fiancé, and make every moment fabulous. I want my wedding day to be the kind of day where I choose love-over-everything. I'm this type of person. I figured there could be a few other people out there that might be in the same boat as me - so I decided to craft a small, high quality team, that would work together to make everyones wedding day as blissful as the one of my dreams! 

Since 2008, I have brought mine, and my teams experience in Photography, Videography, DJ, and the Live Booth to more than 500 weddings and corporate events.  You could say we love what we do ;)