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Brittany + Chris // Engagement Session at Tattersall, Bauhaus, & Izzy’s Ice Cream

This is my life. This is it. This might be all there is. You’re going to be okay. You don’t have anything to worry about. I know you’ll still worry but hopefully less now. I love a lot of things. It never made sense to me to have limitations on your love. Make your cup runneth over. I know it’s always on your mind. LOVE. You know it exists but seems impossible to find. You find a form of it and think “maybe this will work.” I love that about you. Thinking you can outsmart love itself. You’ve learned it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t bend to your will like so many other things seem to do. It’s elusive. The most amazing things in life are. In the mean time, you may ask, “what do I do now?” Stay the course. Make that cup of love runneth over. You’ll still get some crap for this philosophy. In the end, you’re right and everyone who’s awareness is late to the game on this one will be envious they missed out on all the joy. You got this. I have all the faith in you. And if you don’t have this, I wouldn’t worry too much anyway. I mean remember last night? She asked what you do. You’re tired of your answers. You make wedding magic. I know you need an Oscar as well but all in good time. Instead last night you responded “Yoga Instructor.” I mean it’s true. You’ve taught like 10 classes. You touched your toes and smiled and that was it. Maybe she is LOVE? Who we kidding. She’ll forget who you even were by morning. Was it dream? He couldn’t have been that funny. Luckily for you - you are that funny! 

Do you ever write yourself letters and read them years later? I clearly do. This is an engagement. It was so fun! We biked there for the shoot! Included a Faraday in the photos for the first time. I love that bike! It’s like riding a dream on clouds with bomb pops in your hands on a hot sunny day and a cool mist of rain comes at the right time to cool you off just perfectly. It’s so much more than that but we have a word count here. I love this couple. I am doing the photography, video and DJ for their wedding in the Black Hills in October. It’s going to be gorgeous! I like them a lot and I love engagements where we just go out on the town. The shots are so much more real. Those pictures are from real moments with real laughter and most importantly, real ice cream! Yes, those are their hands scooping their own ice cream. This is how we roll.

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Anya + Slav // Black Beach

North Shore Elopement 

The Minnesota wedding season is right around the corner. Everyone knows you never know what you're going to get in this atmospherically wild and crazy state. In fact, this coming weekend our clients are now planning for a winter wonderland wedding in mid April! 5-8 inches are on the horizon. With weddings you want to plan for everything and most importantly enjoy what you get and maximize all the creativity you can from what Mother Nature gives you. In this gorgeous and romantic elopement shoot we were given overcast skies on the black beaches of the North Shore. I prefer to capture the moment as it is and then help it take off! You may want a light and airy themed day or a moody romantic day in your photos and while our intentions can always be grand, in reality we want to live exactly in the moment that was given to us. This shoot has all the feels with great contrast that lends itself innocently to this young love.

I often think about what wedding I like best. Do I want it big or small? Do I want an intimate or an affair worthy of Gatsby? I'm also the worst to ask because I want them all. I'm reminded of a Two Door Cinema song here... anyone? :) You see, I want both! Most people and budgets call for one or the other. So, pick wisely. There are naturally pros and cons to each. I will tell you what I love about the small and intimate is that it can truly be anything you want it to be. Do you want caviar with your closest 6 on a private beach with no one else in sight? I've done this it was amazing! Do you want to run wildly along the water's edge like this is your own world made just for you? I liked this a lot too! The seclusion of this shoot reminded me of a conversation I had with a woman in Bali last week. She said she loved Bali 4 years ago because she could run on the beach naked and she felt like the whole island was hers. Now others have joined her on this beach so she's in search of her next location where it can be just her and the world. Ask yourself these two important questions and then plan from there. One, how wild, authentic and free do you want to feel on your wedding day? And lastly, who is this wedding really for? You'll plan everything right if you start there! 

Couple: Anya Skorykh and Miroslav Skorykh | Styling by: Laine Palm Designs + Flow Event Group | Gown: The Wedding Shoppe | Makeup: Tina Beaupre | Florals: Lilia Flower Boutique

North Shore Minnesota Duluth Elopement Shoot
North Shore Minnesota Elopement