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The way light attaches to a girl. Words that echo in my head. It’s funny how words stick out to you and never let you go, re-emerging at different times in your life. The song, Long December plays. It’s been a favorite of mine since I heard it in high school. It finds its way back to my current playlist every December. Now over 6 months later I’m writing the blog. I’ve realized I’ll never really be that good at things I don’t care about. It seems common sense, I suppose. When it comes to weddings, I really don’t think much of telling the story after. I submerge myself so much in the moment, the moment now, is the only moment that matters. However, reflection and story telling is a key component for a company and most importantly, a well lived and shared life. 

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Tulips and a Kiss Wedding Bouquet
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We, the people of Flow, stay busy. Jenny and I get home at night and think to ourselves, “We haven’t had a night in for two weeks.” We don’t complain. We just try to keep breathing. We know the time will come again when we can share the amazing people and weddings that allowed us the blessing to share in their celebration. That’s really what being in the wedding business is all about. It’s sharing in a celebration. It’s about matching the level of your clients, where ever they are at, and making it better! “Add the cherry to the top,” I yell. They know what I mean. 

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Today, being a day of rest, I think to myself, why am I doing what I do? If I’m unhappy, I’ll change something. I’ll move. I’ll break up. I’ll quit my job. If you’re serious about making this life the heaven on earth it was created to be, you’ll have to consider bold and ambitious actions. Today, I am happy, perhaps the happiest. At least, as happy as I can be knowing others suffer and knowing I’m doing the best I can in this life to be aware of my unique blessings. I think to myself... How can I use my blessings to make the world a better place for those around me? The answer is often the same, it’s the Flow. It’s why I do what I do. In the end, if our clients hate our pictures or are underwhelmed by our art, I can at least guarantee that they had an amazing time! I’m quite certain very few other photographers can make this claim. It comes down to my core philosophy. Make yourself happy first. Now, I’m here simply to make others happy and their happiness brings my happiness to levels that I could’ve never done on my own. It’s quite magical, isn’t it? 

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Back to the light and a girl. I happen to be listening to that song when going through security in the JFK airport. The song, coupled by that moment I saw Devon made me smile. Moments like this happen in life never to come full circle again but not this time. An hour later she sits down next to me waiting for our airplane. We’ve been friends ever since. Their wedding was fairytale esque. Jenny learned she can carry our entire DJ setup deep into the woods without a cart. I realized she was superwoman at that time. An added benefit to the day.

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Devon and Branden got ready in a new venue in Faribault called The 3 Ten Event Venue. If you can convince people to come to Fairbault, you can get this gorgeous venue and save serious dollars! You can thank us all later for the tip. Devon and Branden are the perfect match. It’s like the super model and her debonair rockstar. The most unique experience of the Flow is that all of our clients could also easily be our good friends. I mean, I literally want to be good friends with them all!

So FYI, you all can invite us to anything fun, any time, and Jenny and I will try to be there. Just keep in mind we basically work every Friday and Saturday :) 

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Photography: Flow Event Group | DJ: Flow Event Group | Wedding Suites and Reception: The 3 Ten Event Venue | Ceremony: River Ben Nature Center | Florist:Tulips and a Kiss | Dress: Sottero and Midgley | Makeup: Tatum Telledge | Catering: Hyvee Catering | Bride and Hair: Devon

2017 | Being in the Flow

In all my years... and shockingly I’ve had quite a few of them by now, I’ve never had a year where monstrous changes didn’t occur. I used to go to a coffee shop every Valentine’s Day by myself and write ‘my year in review.’ I honestly couldn’t even recognize the man from the year before. So much changed. I read another book - changed my life. I met a different person - changed my life. I had a different job - changed my life. Year after year, I kept evolving and growing and each new version of myself that was created became so much more... aware. I think that’s the best word for it. Awareness can’t be taught. The subject of the idea itself means it has to be experienced. 

If understood fully, awareness is akin to finding nirvana. It’s the balance of faith, hope, meaning and reason all wrapped up into the exact moment you’re living in right now. The goal is never to forget it and to live in that state of mind infinitely. Every year, I get a little bit better. Each new experience gave birth to a new awareness and an understanding I can’t imagine I ever got by without. So here I am now. 10 years since Flow started. People have come and gone but the Flow has always stayed the same. With our wedding this weekend on the sunny beaches of Clearwater, Florida - it makes our 1000th event! It’s fitting that I’ll be running photography, video and DJ for the celebration. As Liam Neeson said in Taken, “I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a valuable asset for every event worth celebrating!” I added in a twist at the end.  I began this journey by pulling off things others thought was crazy or impossible. Doing it all became part of my new normal. Thankfully, 10 years later, I’ve added on a team of celebrities in their respective field. Somehow, everything came full circle and I’m truly thankful. The next 10 years will bring about even more change. With these changes will be more excitement, more adventure, and events that not only create and capture the imagination but begin a whole new story that we each can call our own.

This is “our year’s favorite moments” with many more to come! I included a best friend who I lost to cancer, another best friend’s wedding day, adventures overseas, oldies but goodies, first times and last times, and falling in love. And most importantly a child’s perfect moment of GLEE! After all, being in the Flow is to be truly happy, challenged and ecstatic about the moment you’re living in right... NOW!