Legacy Hill

Legacy Hill Farm Wedding: Chasity and Jake

Legacy Hill Farm Wedding Videography

As I drove up for my first time to Legacy Hill farm as Chasity and Jake's Videographer, I felt this memory, an experience I have never lived.  I think I was channeling the moment in the field of dreams where the family first sees the ball players playing baseball in their field for the first time.  This awe of overwhelming gorgeousness came over me.  I stepped out of my car and didn't grab my equipment right away as I normally do.  I walked around, stunned by the beauty of everything.  A little chicken began following me.  The ceremony was already set up on the hill, the never ending horizon below it.  I entered the main room where Kelly and the rest of the Legacy Hill Farm staff was putting up beautiful floral works of art for the reception.  I could go on for days about everything because the details where so perfect.  The owner came up and quickly shook my hand - mainly because she wanted me to move my car.  We chatted for a bit, becoming quick friends, as she gave me a little story about the venue.

The bride had only booked me three weeks before their wedding, wanting it as an add on, as what often happens in the wedding videography industry.  She later ended up giving me the best compliment a vendor could ever receive.  The groomsmen looked like the Sons of Anarchy, instantly making me want more muscles and tattoos.  If I ever get married, my friends  won't be as hot.  From there on out everything was free and easy.  It's fortunate at a place like this when everything is so close,  a step away, fun little roads to play in, and a short walk to everything.  

I ended the day dancing to Edward Sharpe's "home" at Surly and thinking it felt perfect.  The perfect feeling must have been a reflection of the day.  On another note...I met "the one" biking on the way home.  Later, I texted her, but she never texted back.