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2017 | Being in the Flow

In all my years... and shockingly I’ve had quite a few of them by now, I’ve never had a year where monstrous changes didn’t occur. I used to go to a coffee shop every Valentine’s Day by myself and write ‘my year in review.’ I honestly couldn’t even recognize the man from the year before. So much changed. I read another book - changed my life. I met a different person - changed my life. I had a different job - changed my life. Year after year, I kept evolving and growing and each new version of myself that was created became so much more... aware. I think that’s the best word for it. Awareness can’t be taught. The subject of the idea itself means it has to be experienced. 

If understood fully, awareness is akin to finding nirvana. It’s the balance of faith, hope, meaning and reason all wrapped up into the exact moment you’re living in right now. The goal is never to forget it and to live in that state of mind infinitely. Every year, I get a little bit better. Each new experience gave birth to a new awareness and an understanding I can’t imagine I ever got by without. So here I am now. 10 years since Flow started. People have come and gone but the Flow has always stayed the same. With our wedding this weekend on the sunny beaches of Clearwater, Florida - it makes our 1000th event! It’s fitting that I’ll be running photography, video and DJ for the celebration. As Liam Neeson said in Taken, “I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a valuable asset for every event worth celebrating!” I added in a twist at the end.  I began this journey by pulling off things others thought was crazy or impossible. Doing it all became part of my new normal. Thankfully, 10 years later, I’ve added on a team of celebrities in their respective field. Somehow, everything came full circle and I’m truly thankful. The next 10 years will bring about even more change. With these changes will be more excitement, more adventure, and events that not only create and capture the imagination but begin a whole new story that we each can call our own.

This is “our year’s favorite moments” with many more to come! I included a best friend who I lost to cancer, another best friend’s wedding day, adventures overseas, oldies but goodies, first times and last times, and falling in love. And most importantly a child’s perfect moment of GLEE! After all, being in the Flow is to be truly happy, challenged and ecstatic about the moment you’re living in right... NOW!


Amanda + Jeremy // Hewing Hotel Wedding // And then I thought I was a fish

A Hewing Hotel Wedding 

And then I thought I was a fish... It's a story of a man who goes insane and comes back to real life. The story is a romance for the human mind and takes you far into the awareness of what it’s like to ponder our existence. For some reason, I've always been inspired by those who are a little crazy. And as they say, being a little crazy helps you from going insane. On the surface, there is nothing more normal than Jeremy and Amanda. They are successful, well-liked individuals, with big corporation employment who love their friends and family and Tito's and soda. They are the American dream. It was an unlikely friendship the moment Jeremy and I met. In a sense, we think on the opposite scale of most things. But it's that exact reason that made me know that he'd be a lifetime favorite friend of mine. Everything I think about in life came from this intuitive sense and Jeremy showed me the logical. We are an ideal balance. It’s a perfect bond and one I often reference in my every day life to this day. 

Now we introduce Amanda - the yin to his yang. She had all the perfect fun and crazy I was always giving Jeremy but in a much more attractive package. Her crazy involves charcuterie plates that would put Spoon and Stable to shame, dress up days that can involve various mustachery and trucker caps (Yaaasss Queen)! What would a blog post be about best friends if you didn’t have one inside joke! Amanda has an idea, we all love it because it’s always a fun idea! Amanda can suggest anything and I’ll say we should all be in. Sign me up! The bonus being she’ll plan it too and bring snacks! I do crave and seek out the logical often in life. After all, life needs a balance. And as Jeremy says I often talk at 30,000 feet - “can you bring it down to 10,000 feet for me?” I certainly try. 

I’ve learned we all crave our unique form of balance and that balance feels a bit crazy to me. I like the insanely logical and intellectual conversation and at the same time want to make fun of myself for taking life so seriously and just let go and joke, goof off, and be ridiculous. Love is crazy. It takes on a multitude of forms. It challenges us far past our tipping point and thus teaching us the perfect balance. I think this is exactly what makes it so sweet, so spectacular, so damn exciting. I embrace the crazy, we all should embrace a little more crazy in life. The crazier we get the more apt we are to find the perfect balance. And if all else fails, maybe some day you’ll think you’re a fish too.

Photography, DJ, LiveBooth: Flow Event Group

Venue: Hewing Hotel

Hewing Hotel Autumn Wedding Photography
Hewing Hotel Autumn Wedding Photography