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As a photographer, you have one very important decision to make. You have to select what the color green is to you. It’s like some photographers have been hit over the head and are now blackmailed to kill color. I haven’t been hit over the head yet. I’ve seen the green in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland where the waterfalls masquerade through the sky. I walked the trails as hundreds of them fell, water misting off into the golden hour sun. I remember the trees. We sat underneath one at the base of a fall. Standing underneath the falling water a rainbow appeared around me. I could see the pot of gold at the tip of my fingers. The tree before me glistened in green. I can see everything about it now. I remember thinking how I’d never really seen green before. 

This is that green. This the way the light shined. The setting was their favorite date. The gorgeous red truck, mixed with their dog and a drive-in movie. It doesn’t get more nostalgic than this for a summer night. I love everything about it. I ate a lot of popcorn and had to buy the dollar dog, actually two! Engagement shoots feel so natural when you pick something you love to do and emerge yourself into the experience. We are there to simply photograph you in your element. Olivia and Addison are shining here!

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