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Things go better when Flow runs the show! I kid you not, I had three different brides call me on this Saturday. I was only shooting one of their weddings. There was electricity in the air. The real electricity this time as monstrous storms were rolling through Minnesota. My bride called me asking what they should do with this downpour. I told her not to worry. We got this. We’ll get everything and more... and we did... with so much more!

People, potential suitors, my own mother... all have asked what makes you special. While I don’t know the real answer, the short answer is that I can make anything great. I’ve turned coal to gold and ugly to beauty and sadness to orgasmic joy. The other brides didn’t seem to like their photographers too much and were freaking out cause their photographer wasn’t doing anything because of the rain. All she had were some inside shots and she knew they couldn’t have been anything special. She asked for advice. And my advice was as follows. 

Rainy Day Wedding Photographer Videographer Minneapolis
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Minneapolis Rainy Day Wedding Photographer Videographer
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I want to feel it all. Not everyone is great as you! In the lack of greatness, you have to rise to the occasion and make it happen. No sooner did the words leave my mouth that I remembered my old, broken down wallet that I received from my now-deceased grandfather. The wallet would still be here today if it didn’t rip everywhere. I kept losing 5’s, then 10’s but after the 20’s kept flying away, I felt my grandpa would understand. I’m still bitter that things rip in life. The rip-less items will always find my favor. A piece of paper wrinkled at the bottom of that wallet read “make it happen.” A philosophy you would see in every action of my life, if only you were there for it. A lot of people are dumb, or lazy or just trying to get by with the minimum amount of annoyances. It’s totally okay. I don’t mind at all. I just don’t get value from them and, therefore, supersede them at any moment that is presented. This is what we should all do. Make it happen. Make the best things possible happen. When I’m given the task to do something - I’ll care more than most when I love it and I only do the things I love. If I’m there with you now - I love you. What can I say. It’s raining. I like to get wet. I hope you do, too. I like danger. I hope you do, too. You want to experience it all. Good! I’ll push you past your boundaries to the place where a new life begins again. So do that! Does that make sense?

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I received a smiley face back. Who doesn’t love a challenge on a wedding day! Send them all our way otherwise. I’d comment about the beauty here but pictures are the most fabulous for one reason. They speak a thousand words all by themselves.

Travel Destination Wedding Video
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Golden Hour Bridal Shoot Minnesota Inspiration
Golden Hour Sunset Photoshoot

Photography: Flow Event Group | Videography: Flow Event Group | Bridal Suite: Friendz Salon & Tanning | Ceremony: St. Mary's Catholic Church | Reception: Sleepy Eye Event Center | Florist: A to Zinnia | Dress: Raffine Bridal | Solid Robes: Blair and Emily | Floral Robes: Fig and Vine | Makeup: Sophia Thao | Hair: Ellie Guffin, Anna Rose, Jennifer Hinderman