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Before I even knew what River Rats were, I was a river rat! I’m a fabulous water skier and in Minneapolis, the only place you can take that skill set to is the river where water skiers wow an ever underwhelming crowd to the delights of ski jumps and human pyramids. It’s the fun stuff! 

Rewind, to years ago, when I was recruited to help teach people the real God. After years of communion and a St. Thomas University education, I became quite versed in the word of God. I became so versed in this God that I saw an immediate and never ending need to help others learn the real need for God in their lives. In my humble opinion, this God is often times not the God you hear on Sunday. That God is made for third graders and the generation around nearing the end. My friends in large graduated high school, most college and many others education beyond even that. You are who you surround yourself with, right? 

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God is an overused marketing plow in the wedding world. Weddings are a spiritual experience that derive from a place of great faith so it would make sense that a religious crowd embraces it. When I was first shooting weddings, I was primarily doing video. I have had the pleasure to shadow 200 plus photographers. I have seen all their tricks and methods. It really is the best education for a photographer. As an observer, you can see who does it right and who makes it awkward and no fun. Needless to say, the Flow prides itself on fun at a galactic level. I even shot weddings with countless photographers who wouldn’t shoot gay weddings. It disagreed with their faith. I laughed at them. Whatever they may say about me, my relationships are authentic. The first girl I liked in college told me all Jewish people were going to hell. I told her she was crazy. I know, you shouldn’t tell girls they are crazy, but there must be exceptions that can be made. Needless to say, some priest, somewhere is misleading his tribe down the road of ruins. Given my education and completed book reports, I have a resume that easily competes with the church leaders today.

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The Hutton House Grooms Suite

This is how I met Lindsay, talking to Edina kids about God through the Upper Room. Certain people just gravitate towards you and Lindsay wasn’t buying what the other leaders were selling as it really was far too elementary. So, we talked about real stuff and how to make our spiritual understanding create a more fulfilling and satisfying life. One good conversation is more powerful than years of time with the boring people, selling redundant, outdated information. Moral of the story, don’t believe people who follow the god that sends others to hell and judge a man for being genetically wired to love other men. On the grand scale of things, we know nothing about this life. Those who claim to know, do so for money or power and more often than not will stunt your growth. I want my people to fly!

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We flew! I strapped my cameras on at 10am and they didn’t come off until 12:30am. I also Dj’d the entire wedding here at The Hutton House. I know how to make my friends rage all night long and they raged so well that they set a new bar for my own wedding some day! We were laughing from the very beginning. The entire day was an experience in joy. Jared is not only one of the luckiest guys in the world but he’s also a Canadian and a hockey player... it’s the perfect match for Lindsay, whose mother is Canadian and father always wanted a hockey player. Clearly, there is more to these stars in the sky than meets they eye. I really love them both. New friends, check! 

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During the wedding my white tee undershirt read “River Ra” with the river rat stenciled in. Ten years ago we got these shirts in Moab, Utah during a church retreat. Lindsay and I thought it was funny to leave off the T from rat. River Ra! It still makes me laugh :)

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Photography: Flow Event Group | DJ: Flow Event Group | Videography: Andrew GilmoreVideography | Ceremony and Reception: The Hutton House | Florist: Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry | Dress: m.Elizabeth Bridal | Makeup: Afton | Hair: Maddie Johnson | Wedding Planner: Nikki Hill Weddings | Specialty Wedding Rentals: Collected & Co. | Gourmet Marshmallows: North Mallow | Bride: Lindsay