Genette + Jesse // Centennial Lakes Park

True art is really at its core, very raw. If you don’t plan on getting a little dirty, I guarantee you won’t like it or I’ll likely hurt you (accidentally). It’s exposure and vulnerability, it’s trust at the highest levels, where my life is in your hands. Just don’t drop me, we pray. We have to let go. What will be, will be. Does this path end with your bliss? If not, you’re on the wrong road. Turn back for your own safety.


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Ice Skating Engagement Session

I hadn’t laced up my skates in 2 years. I had two large Canon 1D Mark II’s strapped to my handmade leather straps. People often comment about it being a gun holster. A great photographer really is a hired gun if you think about it. We are there to adventure with you and capture every moment as perfectly as possible and the moment never comes back again. You can fake it if you like, but we all know that it’s never as good to fake it. It certainly is not as fun. For the sake of all that is holy in this world, I have to make sure that we are having fun. If it’s not fun, I’m not sure why we are. What are we capturing? You, here, this background, smiling, holding flowers? This means nothing to me. What story are you trying to tell? Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan is playing on my AirPods. Coincidence? I believe in coincidences. Follow them where they lead. It was the first lesson from the Celestine Prophecy. Follow your coincidences as they help guide you to your path. This was my answer. This is the story I was trying to tell. I want to make you feel their love. Feel it?

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The moment my skates hit the ice, I went down. I figured it was like riding a bike and I just would remember how good I was as a kid. I remembered after I fell. I cracked a bone in my hand. No one could tell. The show must go on. I saved the cameras and lenses and that was the most important thing. We all die someday but my cameras will not die today! Anyone catch the movie reference? It’s obscure but poignant. That’s how I approach every shoot. We are putting it all on the line and all we have is this moment, so let’s be fricken perfect!

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Centennial Lakes Engagement Photography

It was zero degrees and Genette and Jesse played without a care in the world! Don’t you just love love? Engagement shoots can be so fun. Walking to a coffee shop can be soooo fun, too. It’s all about how you execute your vision. Its all about how vulnerable you’re willing to get. Jesse wasn’t an Olympic skater but together he knew they’d be okay. Genette knew all along, you’ll catch me if I fall... or better yet, pick me up when I’m down. The metaphors are honestly endless, aren’t they? This is creation -raw, a fresh cracked bone, chasing lovers on the ice, a Lauri Meinhardt original tutu, flowers by Wisteria Design, and warm hot coco in the Centennial Lakes Park chalet. To think today, we shot a largely naked couple, it was also raw, but only in a slightly different way.

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Couple: Gennette + Jesse | Styling: Flow Event Group | Florals: Wisteria Design | Location: Centennial Lakes Park