KDWB Star Party | The Life of a Rock Star

I still dream of being a rock star. I'm not sure that dream will ever fade nor should it. Being a rock star is the pinnacle of everything. You stand on stage, cut your heart open and let it bleed on the floor for all to see. We, the audience, can connect to this. We can judge it. We can celebrate it. We can ravish in the freedom and happiness it delivers. It's a unique and beautiful experience. Over the past 15 years, the stardom created by our rockstars has grown even more. The take off of the festival scene has made DJ's gods. Being a DJ since I was 15, I always figured we should be gods. After the flow of alcohol the next most important thing is the music! Music is the one bond that connects us all. It rises above politics and petty differences and creates a dream world. I, for one, have no problem living in this dream world. I love it and I can never get enough of it.

Running from the floor to backstage for photos at Myth Nightclub in Minnesota, I all of a sudden got the feeling of being in the Wizard of Oz. Peaking behind the curtain can demystify the experience of the rock star. You talk to them and they are just like everyone else. I get the impression that some are struggling far more than me. What is it that makes up a rock star, I pondered. If you inspire me, you are a rock star. If you challenge me and open my mind to better ways, you become a rock star. It got me thinking about the stage and all the fans screaming out my name for more. I haven't filled a stadium, but I did keep a captive audience at the dinner table for 10 minutes once. Maybe to scale, we are all rockstars! Overall, it's all relative about the number of people who are cheering us on. All that matters in life is that you get up on stage and open your heart for all to see. Show your passion. Show your talent. Dance like AJR. Drum like Nia Lovelis. Swoon your audience like Niall Horan. Shake it like Tinashe. Show us your pain like Julia Michaels. Make us smile like Kyle! Show everyone that you are here to party like Flo Rida. If you do all that - you are the rockstar!  

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