Tina + Tom // A North Shore Black Beach Elopement

Do you ever just close your eyes and remember what it feels like to have the waves crash against your skin? The water, so immensely powerful, yet also a source of serenity. Your desire for embrace grows, your yearning for freedom intensifies, and your craving for...everything overwhelms you. There are numerous experiences that have this same impact - hiking through the woods, jumping off a cliff, maybe even perfecting a new recipe or falling in love.

North Shore Elopement Photographer

More often than not, it seems falling in love creates this sensation the most. This is primarily why we feel so lucky to capture weddings and help people share their love stories because we get to witness this passion for people, life, and love. Sometimes people build and grow by being playful and having an all around raging celebration, while others let it speak through the intimacy and romance of their union.


We designed Tina and Tom's styled elopement on the black beaches of the North Shore in Minnesota to elicit every emotion an individual could experience, wrapped into one breathtaking day. As the wind blew through the intimate getaway, Tina and Tom used it to intensify the feelings and emotions of the affair. Tina embraced the windswept hair, the overturned table settings and crashing of the waves as they moved higher up the shore.

The entire day we knew there was one thing to be true - they would both leave the entire world behind just to be with each other. Witnessing this love and passion, capturing the intimacy and romance, and sharing their story is an experience we will never forget. It amazes us when we walk away at the end of the day, and even we were changed and inspired by everything we were a part of.

North Shore Minnesota Duluth Elopement Photographer

Spoiler Alert: Her dress got very dirty by the end. Are you afraid to get dirty?

Your dress shines bright on one day, why not let it display each step of your adventure…needless to say, we promote fearless adventures and capturing even greater experiences.

Photography: Flow Event Group + 42Foto | Styling: Laine Palm Designs | Floral: Lilia Flower Boutique | Gowns: The White Room | Makeup: Tina Beaupre