KDWB Star Party 2018 // NE-YO • BEBE REXHA • MAX • LAUV • JACK & JACK

“Music is how the gods communicate. In honor of the gods request, we are going to schedule a rendezvous with them. This celebration will be thrown at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee this year. It’s the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June! Since most of you know I will definitely be dying young (everyone included in this text knows this) this could be the final party, last hooray if you will. I'd like to go out in style, under the hot Tennessee sun listening to great music, camping with all my favorite friends, realizing that life is really too short, singing come on baby light my fire, making new friends, dancing, and dancing more and more... so lets enjoy this moment! This is your save the date. I hope you find it as important to be there as I do. I know how special and important it would be for me. Amen. More updates coming soon!”

Jack & Jack KDWB Star Party 2018

This was my invite to Bonnaroo 2015! I rented a camper, bought a bunch of tickets and filled it up. Coincidentally, I followed up this event by celebrating and shooting in Tomorrowland in Belgium, The Yacht Week in Croatia, and 3 weddings from that exact Bonnaroo group, a slew of new friends followed and literally every relationship grew stronger (at least for those who came with). Those left at home, scared to come, afraid of a new experience, saying they don’t have the money (we are all as rich as our priorities allow us to be), or those who needed babysitters (I am a professional babysitter and even I need a vacation from that from time to time), those sad souls left behind... those relationships didn’t grow. They suffered and sometimes ended entirely. My mother always told me to never burn a bridge and to the best of my abilities, I never have. Some bridges, however, come crumbling down because of poor construction and others are built in deserts I’ll never visit. 

Lauv Concert KDWB Star Party

The marketing plan for Flow has been rather simple. There is none. It started because I like throwing epic celebrations. I have a good ear for music and a decent eye for composition and story telling. I’m also simply very excited about good times with great people. I mean this is what we live for! Celebration is my offering. Smiling and laughing are my blessings that become a gift to anyone who embraces it. In return the gods show their appreciation by giving me energy that is of another world.

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I had a conversation with a man named Jordan in Bonnaroo one night. He was on another ethereal plain, perhaps accompanied by the enlightenment of acid. He claimed he could see my spirit vibrating with light that no one else on the entire grounds possessed. Everything negative, I could turn positive. Every frown that came my way became a smile. Anyone who touched me orgasmed uncontrollably. I learned that day that love and the energy existing in our bodies is far more complex than we are currently aware of. We are all mere children in the understanding of connection. We think friendship is based on time, experiences and trust and love is based on sex and added value. This is merely a scrape of the frosting to the multiple layers of cake that’s within. I took a small nibble that day.

Bebe rexha KDWB Star Party

The AT&T girl picked me out of a crowd. I had come out of the bathroom and in the sea of endless people lost my new friends (3 gals I had met who attached themselves to me - wherever you gals are, I hope you’re fabulous)! I was smiling and dancing and there she was. I didn’t even know she was the AT&T girl at the time. She said she was an actress and director. We took in Billy Joel together, shared a spliff, sang, danced. She left her friends for me. Unfortunately for some, when’s others are coming down I’m often still going up, up and up and up until all the music has stopped. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous you may be and how much good food lay before you, when it’s “me” time, you keep up or be left behind. It’s not personal. I wouldn’t ask anyone to slow their roll for another when new adventures are the goal. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be limited either. There’ll be plenty of time for life to hold you back later on I promise. I finally texted her back this summer when I saw her on “This Is Us.” After all, time is an illusion and living outside of time and space is a higher evolution. I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Actresses need some torment in life to be great. Pure happiness forever was never going to aid her in her career. 

Buried in this rambling story is a job interview. If you really want to be an event photographer for us, you’ll need to understand the words here before you and you’ll need to start training now for the vibration necessary to keep up with us in the future.

Photography: Flow Event Group || Host: 101.3 KDWB || Venue: Muse Event Center || Acts: Jack & Jack | LAUV | MAX | BEBE REXHA | Ne-Yo