Kaylee + John // Minneapolis Event Centers

I’ve learned every motion in life can be similar to a military mission. My grandpa was a pilot in wars dating back to WWII. His perspective on life was near flawless. It’s a natural result from experiencing life and the even more powerful circumstance sometimes, surviving it. In life with each trial and tribulation you survive, the stronger you become. If you’re reading this today, we are all survivors, and that is something to be celebrated! Having experienced hundreds of weddings, I have begun to perfect my game plan. I want to do much more than survive these days. Now I want to thrive, conquer and perform flawlessly with each mission. I gathered the team together an hour before takeoff. It’s important to get everyone in the right mindset and comfortable with the mission ahead. Wind 15mph from the SW, visibility near 100%, Kaylee & John’s wedding took off on a gorgeous, sunny September Minneapolis day.


The team with Jud, Reyna and myself was flying in perfect formation. When I banked left, we all banked left simultaneously, we were reading each other’s mind. We talked of the perfect mission throughout the day. Now perfection in the creative world is everything but objective. Since I’m always seeking perfect flow with each life mission, the goal is to help inspire and create genuine feelings and spontaneous joy! Above all things, joy was certainly experienced for us all! After an epic photo shoot one groomsman hands me a cold Coors Light and then an angel of a bridesmaid, Pauline, hands me some of her trail mix. It was like they were reading our minds now too! A few peanuts and rocky mountain water regained my energy like Popeye and spinach. I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that the joy inside your own heart will directly translate to all the joy and happiness in others around you. This felt like a wedding of constant thankfulness, gratefulness and joy. I was glad to experience every aspect of it. Here is the preview of Kaylee and John! 

Minneapolis Event Center Wedding Photography Popping Champagne Bottles
Minneapolis Wedding Photography Brides in floral robes from BHLDN
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer First Look
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Fine Art Veil Shot
Minneapolis fine art wedding photographer
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Minneapolis Wedding photography
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