Parker + Kathy | Mexico Destination Wedding

The night before our flight to photograph Kathy and Parker's Destination Wedding in Mexico, Rick called me at 3 AM.  I had been sleeping, as we had to be at the airport by 6AM the next morning.  Groggily, I answered the phone, as one must no matter the situation, for their favorite people. 

Rick was full of ideas, full of energy, and had to express his feelings before being able to relax enough to fall asleep.  He asked me a vital question - "What are your final thoughts before we leave?" When I asked him the same question a moment later, he responded with "Reyna, we just have to remember that these wonderful people have invited us along on one of the best weeks of their lives - solely because we can see the beauty in wild adventures and feel intoxicated by the presence of beautiful moments, and can't resist the art of capturing them. We must remember that, and be thankful." 

Rick's final words before we hung up, stuck with me throughout the week.  Every moment with Kathy, Parker, and their wedding crew was delightful.  The scattering of rain throughout the week added an energy to everyones experience. There were moments when we were on the beach chasing down Kathy's unicorn floaty blowing away in the wind, vibrant pool parties and even a late night in the club where after a quick conversation between Parker and the Barcelo staff, everyone from the wedding celebrated on as we owned the VIP section all night!

This is Kathy and Parker on their wedding day.  Enjoy.  We were so excited to play with some of our new technology that we even added on a little video teaser!

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