Why do you wake up in the morning?


In college my favorite question to ask people was “why they woke up in the morning?” The answers always astonished me, not because of their ingenuity, but because of the lack of any deep thought. It wasn’t a question they ever asked themselves before. I learned then that most people seem to just go through the motions, fulfilling some task that was laid out before them. The genesis of which was nearly impossible to track. It all seemed so wasteful. There was so much potential with these great people but most never took the time to intentionally craft a plan for their lives. It was this lack of direction I set out to avoid. It turns out being intentional with your day, your life, your overall mission in the world… is very difficult. I understand why most people never stopped to think about it. Once it becomes present in your mind, it’s like a new job, your desk is stacked with papers and you don’t know if you’ll ever get through it all. I decided to start simply with my life’s mission. I wanted to create. Creating something from nothing seemed like the most difficult path I could imagine. Therefore, obviously this was a mission worth pursuing.

When it comes to capturing love…I don’t have a template for it. I feel like most most people try to fit love and their product into a box that can be branded and duplicated multiple times over again. That idea never made sense to me. Every moment is so different and so unique. Every couple is different. You never know exactly what they are going to give to you. I have spent countless hours just thinking about the perfect flow for our couples, looking at all their footage and brainstorming ideas that will help show the world who they are. So much philosophizing with Reyna, Jud and a few others… I’m sure there hasn’t been a rock we haven’t turned over. I think about this exact idea with every Flow Event Group wedding. Who are they? How do they make you feel? What’s the most important aspect we notice with them? This is a collaboration of it all. Starting with "waking up in the morning" and the most intimate of beginnings and moving onto the way every Flow party ends… in an all out rage! :)