Minneapolis Magazine 2015 Harvest Festival

Imagine a world full of endless beer... and you can have whatever you like!  Yes, I sang a little T.I. when I wrote that.  This world exists every year when Mpls / St. Paul magazine puts on their Fall Harvest Festival.  This year we were at Bachmann's in South Minneapolis, which made for the perfect setting on this beautiful fall day!  Flow DJ's were spinning inspiring tunes and Rick Gmitro (currently talking about himself in third person) was on site double fisting (cameras that is with his signature harness) capturing all of the best moments.  I love this event!  I make sure to try and have a taste of each vendor there because they are all local gems!  More than 80 different beers to try, some special one-of-a-kind batches!  This is a beer connoisseur's heaven.  So many good people, great beer, cider, kombucha, local soda and food!  Hope to see you all again next year!