The Scout Guide // Vol. 3 Launch Party

Teams are everything! You need someone on your side. We all want to build our own Googles. I want my office to have a freaking ping pong table! Is that too much to ask? That’s success to me! Maybe having Kombucha on tap while you’re at it! A comfy couch for sure, foosball would be nice too, a sauna, I mean if you want me to keep going I can. Hot tub, I mean it’s Minnesota and who doesn’t love the hot tub / sauna combo! I do. We all do! A very good and stylish expresso machine that we all must learn to operate. I see it in copper or brass. That’s what we want!


The Scout Guide is a team that has a brilliant idea. They get successful businesses from all over Minnesota and show people they exist. Ideally they do it with their best foot forward. They even bring out a stylist and a photographer to capture you in your essence. It could be considered an opportunity to start testing your branding. Show me your “I’ve made it and this who I am and I look fabulous pose!” At least that’s how I’d direct it. I looked like a bit of a snack. I mean it was just a picture of me. I don’t think we put the proper thought into this! Maybe if I was in my underwear or something I would’ve thought “yeah this makes more sense.” Dancing around a fire, in a thatch skirt, with my camera straps still on, a lit sparkler in my mouth, a drink balancing from my head, all while taking video with my chest camera, and photos with my left and right arm, hitting every angle with complimentary opposite lenses, one shoots slow mo the other gets tight and intimate. That’s the picture I need. This is the picture we all need. If we are going to do this lets do it all out!

I was in The Scout Guide one year! I felt pretty cool. I made an amazing friend or two from it. It’s hard to say in life when certain sparks begin but getting like people together just to collide in general is a good move. I met Kaitlyn and Ian there. I mean they play on the kickball team. I don’t think I bestow a better honor upon a loved one any greater than giving them the opportunity to play kickball with us! I’m 100% sure others don’t realize the importance and gravity I give to it but most of them humor me from time to time.

I also worked with Hattie, who is amazing! We ended up shooting her wedding in the glorious Northwoods of Minnesota. I don’t know what sparks a friend but Hattie got me into the Scout Guide and later that summer me, her and her husband and my girlfriend were listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd from my boat on Lake Minnetonka. Everything may not happen for a reason but it surely can happen in a fun way. This was my Scout Guide experience. The general rule of them applies, you get what you put into it! We had some fun!

The Scout Guide Top Vendors
Minneapolis Event Photographer

This is the Scout Guide of last year! I’d like to stay that this party was extra fabulous because we were there and even running The LiveBooth so everyone could get there shot. The people of Flow really know how to have fun in front of the camera. This is Flow and this is Fun!

Venue: Martin Patrick // Photography and Photo Booth: Flow Event Group // Drinks: Hewing Hotel // Host: The Scout Guide