Riviera Maya

Brian + Angel // Riviera Maya

Brian + Angel // Hard Rock Hotel - Riviera Maya

One of the most popular questions we get asked after a wedding is, “What was your couple like?” It’s actually a good bit of fun getting to think back on all of the calls, happy hours, and the actual day of the wedding. If you’ve met me (Jenny, here - hello!), you know you have to be prepared for a bit of a long-winded gush. I love to talk about every interaction and experience and use that to wrap it into a final summary. But for whatever reason, my answer was a bit different with Brian and Angel. It seemed second nature to simply say, “It’s obvious they are truly best friends.” I have never felt the need to elaborate beyond that simple statement, and I still don’t. So I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the wedding day of two best friends.
- Jenny

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When given the option. I would always select the one that involves more fun, more time, more laughter, more experiences with the people I love and more celebration. We could call it “Rick’s general mantra of how to execute the perfect wedding celebration!” Let’s do everything and more of it!

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For some, there’s a lot of pressure on the wedding day. This pressure isn’t on us, as we are experienced professionals who are prepared for everything and always ready to jump into greatness. The pressure is usually on the bride and groom. They want to create a romantic first look where the love of their life is revealed on a day when they choose to spend the rest of their life with in front of all their friends and family. It’s a big deal. I get the pressure. I want it to be perfect, too. It’s also part of Rick’s daily mantra, “make every moment as perfect as humanely possible!” This is exactly what Flow destination weddings are all about.


I’ve noticed that there are elements of magic in making pressure dissipate. It takes a special touch to communicate that everything today is perfect no matter what. This is our moment and we get to create what we will with it. It’s magic incarnate and Brian and Angel let magic happen all week long.


It’s fair to say that the vibes and positivity were flying high at the Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya in Mexico. We didn’t allow pressure or anxiety into our mix. We met the wedding party at the bar and had a ceremonial Don Julio Blanco shot to get things started. I joined in. Great photographers are on the same level or a completely new level with their subjects. We bounced around the property to some previously scouted out intimate locations. We included fun and dancing everywhere we went. We brought the music portably attached to us. The party began the moment we got there.

There’s only one definitive thing I know that sets the great wedding shoots a part from all the others and it’s when the photographer or videographer bring music! It’s such common sense if you think about it and yet so few do it. Shoots are intended to be fun, exciting and passionate. I don’t know of any epic cinematic moments in the theater when a soundtrack didn’t accompany the glorified drama. The pan up when Andy is free after crawling through a river of crap in the Shawshank redemption is chilling, tears flowed from eyes and the music was perfect to enhance it. Examples such as this could be infinite. And that’s what we’re doing on that perfect day, creating infinity. We want moments to be as real as the moment you first experienced them and this means getting swept up and taken away by the Flow.


And at the end of the day, we sit with you as you say, “We really just did that.” Yes, yes you did. Welcome to the flow.
- Rick