Claire + Alex // Bavaria Downs

There are moments when we sit back and are simply amazed. We love what we do, it’s obvious. You can ask us why we love capturing weddings so much and the conversation usually goes something like, “Oh, I love the public intimacy that is shared during the ceremony. Oh, but I also really love seeing how excited couples are to see each other for the first time. Dang, the desserts are really amazing (this is typically a Jenny statement). And wow, it’s so cool to see the friends and family be the people who epitomize ‘it takes a village.’’ But it’s breathtaking to see the couple take their moment of being just them amidst everything else that goes into a wedding day.” Seriously, it goes on and on.

See, we love what we do. This is why when we get reviews from our couples, we are always in absolute awe. They see how excited we are to be there, and we couldn’t be more happy that it shows through and through from start to finish. I wish I had more words to describe how Claire and Alex’s review made us feel, but honestly it took our breath away and just reiterated how much we love doing what we do.

ABOVE AND BEYOND! Rick and Jenny were simply awesome. We hired them for our videographers and I wish we would have booked them for all of their services! They stayed well past their hired time to make sure to get really fun shots of our reception and our wedding video turned out INCREDIBLE. They got out on the dance floor with everyone danced with us, which shows that this is more than just a job to them.. They experience your day with you instead of just being a fly on the wall which is why I think their work turns out so amazing. We have watched it dozens of times- and we still cry and laugh every time we watch it. They make their clients look like celebrities in the way that they shoot and edit their footage. Worth every penny!!! THANK YOU Jenny and Rick!!!

Claire + Alex

Venue: Bavaria Downs // Videography: Flow Event Group // Florals: Creations Events // Hair and Makeup: WarPaint International // Wedding Dress: Posh Couture