Brian + Angel // Riviera Maya

Brian + Angel // Hard Rock Hotel - Riviera Maya

One of the most popular questions we get asked after a wedding is, “What was your couple like?” It’s actually a good bit of fun getting to think back on all of the calls, happy hours, and the actual day of the wedding. If you’ve met me (Jenny, here - hello!), you know you have to be prepared for a bit of a long-winded gush. I love to talk about every interaction and experience and use that to wrap it into a final summary. But for whatever reason, my answer was a bit different with Brian and Angel. It seemed second nature to simply say, “It’s obvious they are truly best friends.” I have never felt the need to elaborate beyond that simple statement, and I still don’t. So I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the wedding day of two best friends.
- Jenny

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When given the option. I would always select the one that involves more fun, more time, more laughter, more experiences with the people I love and more celebration. We could call it “Rick’s general mantra of how to execute the perfect wedding celebration!” Let’s do everything and more of it!

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For some, there’s a lot of pressure on the wedding day. This pressure isn’t on us, as we are experienced professionals who are prepared for everything and always ready to jump into greatness. The pressure is usually on the bride and groom. They want to create a romantic first look where the love of their life is revealed on a day when they choose to spend the rest of their life with in front of all their friends and family. It’s a big deal. I get the pressure. I want it to be perfect, too. It’s also part of Rick’s daily mantra, “make every moment as perfect as humanely possible!” This is exactly what Flow destination weddings are all about.


I’ve noticed that there are elements of magic in making pressure dissipate. It takes a special touch to communicate that everything today is perfect no matter what. This is our moment and we get to create what we will with it. It’s magic incarnate and Brian and Angel let magic happen all week long.


It’s fair to say that the vibes and positivity were flying high at the Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera Maya in Mexico. We didn’t allow pressure or anxiety into our mix. We met the wedding party at the bar and had a ceremonial Don Julio Blanco shot to get things started. I joined in. Great photographers are on the same level or a completely new level with their subjects. We bounced around the property to some previously scouted out intimate locations. We included fun and dancing everywhere we went. We brought the music portably attached to us. The party began the moment we got there.

There’s only one definitive thing I know that sets the great wedding shoots a part from all the others and it’s when the photographer or videographer bring music! It’s such common sense if you think about it and yet so few do it. Shoots are intended to be fun, exciting and passionate. I don’t know of any epic cinematic moments in the theater when a soundtrack didn’t accompany the glorified drama. The pan up when Andy is free after crawling through a river of crap in the Shawshank redemption is chilling, tears flowed from eyes and the music was perfect to enhance it. Examples such as this could be infinite. And that’s what we’re doing on that perfect day, creating infinity. We want moments to be as real as the moment you first experienced them and this means getting swept up and taken away by the Flow.


And at the end of the day, we sit with you as you say, “We really just did that.” Yes, yes you did. Welcome to the flow.
- Rick

Spotify // Culture Next

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Band of Others: The world is more diverse, cross-cultural, and migratory than ever, and young people are responding by forming communities that span the globe. Made up of renegade tribes who celebrate the same micro-cultures, fringe fashions, and social causes, these groups are forging bonds beyond social media to incite change and push the boundaries of belonging. And while these modern-day pirates may sound like misfits or hipsters, taken together, they’ve reached critical mass and are more the norm than the anomaly. Unanchored from roots and rules, they are drafting their own cultural manifestos.

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It’s time we wake up. Take notice. Listen to those who are crying out. Whether you see it or not, a cultural change is happening.

Spotify recognizes the movement. They notice it so much so they have invested into understanding Gen Zs and millennials and their impact on every aspect of culture. In a time where technology is constantly on the rise, the excitement is now being met with a healthy dose of skepticism. Spotify has acknowledged that Gen Zs and millennials are “in the midst of a major wake-up call.” The nature of technology and relationships with digital media are changing and transforming, and we are here for it all. In fact, we heard from them first hand while shooting the Spotify for Brands : Culture Next event at The Neu Neu last week. We walked away fired up and ready to listen.

Want to know more about what Spotify has to say? We highly recommend checking out their Culture Next report. you won’t regret it.

Culture Next: The Trends Defining Gen Zs and Millennials

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Streaming has returned the music industry to growth. And Spotify is the largest music-streaming service in the world. Spotify has 191 million active users worldwide, and it has grown its user base by a 33% compound annual growth rate over the past three years.

Spotify was able to make streaming nearly instantaneous by building an end-to-end delivery network – from server to client. Spotify launched in the U.S. in July 2011, and the popularity of music streaming has grown relentlessly since then. Streaming accounted for 9% of total U.S. music revenues that year. In 2014, that figure had reached 27%. In the first half of 2018, streaming accounted for 75% of U.S. music industry revenues.

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Cassettes, vinyl and compact discs have given way to streaming online music. The album is becoming an anachronism. And that means record labels are playing less and less of a role. Overall, this works out well for the artists. Artists are now able to release songs directly to the public, without facing the same hurdles bands like the Wu-Tang Clan faced back in the '90s. The short story of Wu-Tang is that they scrounged together $300 to cut a few songs, which was how the song “Protect Ya Neck,” later took the country by storm. As the gods would have it, magic does happen, you can’t keep your foot on the neck of greatness forever, a couple late-night DJs in New York – DJ Stretch Armstrong and host Bobbito Garcia of Columbia University's WKCR radio station carved out a niche playing records from unsigned, unknown rappers. "I just created this network that was independent of the record labels," Armstrong said in a 2015 interview for the documentary ,Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives, "getting demos and remixes from producers to feed the show new music you couldn't hear anywhere." Basically, they were the human Spotify genius before the tech and algorithms took over. It’s a good metaphor for life, if you ever find the human version of any tech or algorithm, someone who just has the good flow, a quality eye, dynamic feel for greatness... keep them close! And tell us about them because great Flow is everything!

From there, "Protect Ya Neck" became a local sensation. "Club DJs, promotions people, and music writers all thought it was the hottest thing out," Kelley wrote. And then came Wu-Tang's final big break... New York's famed Hot 97 radio station picked up the single.

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The music industry is evolving. One company is at the center of this transformation. It just went public earlier this year. But most investors have yet to understand its attractive business model. “I’ve learned that if I love something, a platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), a car (Tesla), a hardware (Roku), or a currency (Bitcoin) that they tend to take off and be wildly popular in the world,” said the owner of Flow Event Group, Rick Gmitro. ;)

You see, it's becoming much easier for fans to discover talented upstarts. The next Wu-Tang or Led Zeppelin or Adele or Yam Haus is out there. And the chances are better than ever that listeners will find them, turn them into superstars, and compensate them for their work.

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We at Flow, love Spotify, all of our DJs need to be premium members. As it turns out, they will now be our musical best friend, our music god if you will! We love having a new god as a best friend.

The central paradox for fans is that access gives you everything – but everything isn't enough. Discovery is hard without a compass. Unprecedented choice at an affordable price must come with effective personalization to help audiences navigate a sea of content and to help artists directly reach a sea of listeners.

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Company: Spotify // Venue: The Neu Neu // Event Production: Mas Event Design // Lighting + Stage: Avex // Catering: Common Roots // Performance: Yam Haus // Photography: Flow Event Group

Contributing Writers: Stansberry Research //Rick Gmitro (Destination Photographer, Video Producer, DJ) // Culture Next, Global Trends Report, Spotify

Claire + Alex // Bavaria Downs

There are moments when we sit back and are simply amazed. We love what we do, it’s obvious. You can ask us why we love capturing weddings so much and the conversation usually goes something like, “Oh, I love the public intimacy that is shared during the ceremony. Oh, but I also really love seeing how excited couples are to see each other for the first time. Dang, the desserts are really amazing (this is typically a Jenny statement). And wow, it’s so cool to see the friends and family be the people who epitomize ‘it takes a village.’’ But it’s breathtaking to see the couple take their moment of being just them amidst everything else that goes into a wedding day.” Seriously, it goes on and on.

See, we love what we do. This is why when we get reviews from our couples, we are always in absolute awe. They see how excited we are to be there, and we couldn’t be more happy that it shows through and through from start to finish. I wish I had more words to describe how Claire and Alex’s review made us feel, but honestly it took our breath away and just reiterated how much we love doing what we do.

ABOVE AND BEYOND! Rick and Jenny were simply awesome. We hired them for our videographers and I wish we would have booked them for all of their services! They stayed well past their hired time to make sure to get really fun shots of our reception and our wedding video turned out INCREDIBLE. They got out on the dance floor with everyone danced with us, which shows that this is more than just a job to them.. They experience your day with you instead of just being a fly on the wall which is why I think their work turns out so amazing. We have watched it dozens of times- and we still cry and laugh every time we watch it. They make their clients look like celebrities in the way that they shoot and edit their footage. Worth every penny!!! THANK YOU Jenny and Rick!!!

Claire + Alex

Venue: Bavaria Downs // Videography: Flow Event Group // Florals: Creations Events // Hair and Makeup: WarPaint International // Wedding Dress: Posh Couture

Hattie + Mark // Northwoods Elopement

// Hattie + Mark

Having my most cherished childhood memories all exist from my family’s quaint, little A-frame lake cabin, the cabin life is as beautifully nostalgic to me as anything in the world. When people ask about my next major purchase it’s always the same thing “my own lake cabin.” I love people who create their own heaven on earth. I try to do that with my soul. So, like everywhere I go, my heaven comes with. That philosophy works as a starter but the next level is a place to celebrate all the beauty and fun that life has to offer. Hattie & Mark had their wedding weekend at Hattie’s family cabin. It’s the middle of nowhere, down an old dirt road. Jenny and I came early to snap a few pics of the grooms dinner and partake in the festivities.

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Upon arrival to this secluded sanctuary in the North Woods we realized we were truly off the beaten path when a fallen tree laid before us, blocking the road to our wedding cabin colony destination. I remember stopping the car and looking at Jenny and just smiling. We assumed we had the right directions, but no phone works out here. I have Verizon simply because I can’t be in dead zones with my work but dead zones still will exist. After a few light hearted conversations and my pathetic attempt to move a large tree by hand, we realized we were at a crossroads. The answer was simple. We move forward. I figured we had only a mile or two left (it was closer to two). We packed our camera bags up and set out by foot! Horseflies were abundant and sometimes we jogged or sprinted to avoid their attack. A dozen horseflies met their maker that day. Needless to say, we survived. We arrived and were greeted with a smile and libation. We casually brought up the fact that their road had an obstruction. They quickly recruited abled bodies and jumped on four wheelers with a chainsaw. This tree was firewood now.

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It’s amazing when a group bonds with their creative talent from their wedding day. You get to know their friends, their vibe, their flow, their favorite music and most importantly how they create their happiness! The bonding of the relationship between bride and groom and their photographer, videographer or DJ, truly makes for a better experience. After all, the closer we are, the more fun we have. This fun creates an experience that flows so natural that you get lost in the moment and your true essence and perfect flow is on display. This is what we want! We want people in our lives who bring out the best in us. We want happiness and there is no way to happiness as happiness is the way. We ended up doing our wedding consult before the wedding on our boat on lake Minnetonka while Lynyrd Skynyrd played from the mainland. It was fun. They wanted to get together on a Wednesday and that’s what we were doing Wednesday. Sometimes life works out beautifully. The intimacy and flow of destination weddings where you control the venue makes for so much more spontaneous fun. We took a pontoon ride on their private lake and popped bottles of champagne. We played Hammerslagen and danced all night to a bluegrass band. Hattie’s family even made the tables for the big day! You can see them currently in use at the Hutton House venue in Minnesota.

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I remember emerging from the woods that night and seeing the couple dancing on top of the tables as music played! The party was sprawling well off the dance floor and moving around the entire space fluidly. It was how I love parties to be, the center is not focused on one point but rather a vast infinite energy that takes up form throughout the landscape with dance, drink, cigar, jokes, smiles, deep convo, and random games. Give me all the options and let me select the mood waiting for me. I captured a few quick pics of the couple as they danced and spun about. I stopped and just enjoyed the moment for myself. The best pictures I never take. Some moments are so perfect you can’t predict them, you can’t move fast enough to capture them, you can’t do anything but be lost in the moment of good flow, they fly by like shooting stars. They are magical and seemingly rare. However, if you ever find yourself with time to gaze up at the night sky you realize that perhaps the shooting stars are for more plentiful than you realize. You simply haven’t stopped and slowed down long enough to see the infinite nature of the spectacle before you.


This is how I’d describe Hattie and Marks wedding. It was a plethora of shooting stars. It was a light show in the sky. The night was perfectly clear. There was no backup for rain or bad weather to dare disrupt our joy. It was a night of clear skies and shooting stars. The infinite nature of joy manifested an experience that transcended any obstacles that could ever be in our way. I remember thinking that this is how you want to celebrate love. There is no curfew. The rules are few. The opportunity to be free is vast, as only a cabin secluded in the north woods can offer. It was an oasis brought to us by the spirit of the grandpa whose love and life helped create the very space where the magic happened.

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I could feel the infinite nature of our existence. We all walked away thankful. We all walked away a little better off than the day before. This is the power of great love.

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Venue: Holm Family Cabins // Photography: Flow Event Group // Videography: Flow Event Group // Hair: Ashley Cook // Dress: Posh Bridal // Jeweler: EverGreene Jewelers // Food: Lake Superior Catering // Desserts: The Copper Hen // Band: Ginstrings


Matthew + Jana // The Lafayette Club

Matthew and Jana’s story is one that you want to tell anyone who will listen, and even those who don’t. It’s easy to get lost in because everything about it just felt so right.

We seriously loved this day. I mean, we loved everything about it. The couple, the venue, the vendors, and especially the dance floor! I mean, common guys, the ballroom was straight out of a fairytale! They had the coolest car for their personal transportation, and a view of the lakes. The Lafayette Club was full of moody light and enchanting rooms, the friends and families were so welcoming and loving, and this couple couldn’t have exuded more love for each other.

But, we need you to watch it knowing first and foremost that our favorite part of this wedding came down to the couple. 

As you’re watching this and catching a glimpse of this adorable couple’s love story, I hope that you feel even half as privileged as we did to get to witness these two and their love for each other. You’ll see the attention that was put into every detail to celebrate their love, but you’ll especially see it in their eyes. Needless to say, we think you’ll like these two and we think you’ll love this film.

Funnier note, Jana’s special dress dance was a staple to the day, and probably one of her favorite party tricks of the night.

Venue: The Lafayette Club // Photography: Flow Event Group // Videography: Flow Event Group // Florals: Richfield Flowers and Events // Dress: Posh // Desserts: Buttercream Bakery // Transportation: Renee’s Limousines

Hannah + Brian // The Lumber Exchange Event Center

Lumber Exchange wedding photos

The Lumber Exchange Event Center //
Hannah + Brian

There are some people who, immediately upon meeting, you just know are going to be with you for life. Hannah was one of those. It all started on a sunny day in Cancun and has progressed to adventures nationwide. She is fun and open for adventure while Brian is a salt-of the earth type - sweet, nice and always smiling. They’re the type of people you want in your life, like really want in your life.

Couples like this make it easy to create really epic memories. Don’t believe us? You can even check out their engagement session to see the adventure they took us on.

psst - click here for Hannah + Brian // Engagement Session

Anyways, back to the good stuff.

So this successful wedding and event planner calls me up the other day. Her standard weddings are 2-4 million but she has a couple who’s interested in Flow. She doesn’t know much about me and is trying to learn more. This wedding is only a few hundred thousand which she points out “it’s still big for Minnesota.” I comment that “they should be able to create some fun for that.” I think to myself, my record is 275k. It wasn’t my money of course but it still is fun to make records. I was a part of that! I have records for a lot of different things (to be continued). I had a rocking time at a 10k wedding! Smiles were ear to ear for that one and they even had bacon wrapped tater tots (Marcus at Darby’s- you’re a god)! And that’s the spread of Flow’s records to date. I imagine by the end of 2021 that my new record is a million and change. We’ll be running all the important parts and while it will also be a wedding, it will be remembered as a transformational experience. The experience of the moment is everything. 2020 already has some doozies lined up.

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She loves my work but says, “like I know, @devonericksen and she’s on your website so obviously it’s just like styled shoots that you put up”...? She’s trying to know what’s real. I started laughing. “I mean, it looks really good” she says and she kind’ve trails out and I say “Well, what do you mean by not real exactly when referring to my work?” She tells me the woman on my website is a famous model and she’s seen her in a bunch of different wedding shoots. “Oh, I get that. She’s a light and one-of-a-kind for sure but that’s actually just a shot from her wedding. Like for real. That’s the guy she makes out with on the regular.” Her tone changes. It’s like we had a breakthrough. She tells me about another video company she loves but at 20k, they may charge a little too much. I guess on the name of the videographer. I’m right! Somebody give me a cookie. “I’m actually friends with him,” I tell her. “I’ve known him forever. He borrowed one of my cameras for a trip to Jordan like a decade ago! We even used to share an office. He’s fabulous. I’m Vegan on Monday’s for him.” Good people like to help good people.

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She had a point though. I see photographers out there now who look like they are shooting amazing weddings and they have only shot 3 real weddings so far. I don’t mind the practice at all. I advised them all to do it! Show people what you can create. Talent trumps everything. However, experience of course, will only make talent better. I also advised a 46 year old woman to be a college grad. She feels she got passed over for a position just because someone else had a better degree. College is largely pointless right now. It’s a trap to help out rich people and bound others in debt. College is for doctors and lawyers and those who want to rage in a fun environment with their friends. All that really matters now is what you can do. So what can you do? I’ll tell you my young talent, while talented, all made some epic mistakes that experience would teach them to avoid otherwise. That’s what I do. I keep the flow positive. The inspiration flooding us like a fountain of youth. I make everything better. Maybe alchemy is real.

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I shot my first wedding in 2002 with my university’s video equipment. I launched Flow officially full time on January 1, 2008! We’ve been busy ever since. Creating stylized weddings seemed redundant and pointless to me. It didn’t seem real or more importantly worth my time. However, after shooting so many wedding that have so many commonalities you start to think maybe we should be teaching people to see outside of the box. The dreams of your wedding day are only limited by your imagination. Focus on the things that matter most, have fun and go crazy with all your loved ones. That’s my general philosophy. I’ve noticed it works quite well. In 2019, we set a goal to show people what this looks like to us! We’re excited to show you!

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Lumber Exchange wedding video
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Experience teaches you how to really be a rock star. After all, according to Malcolm Gladwell, to excel at something you need to log your 10,000 hours in it. It’s so true. I never thought that weddings and events would be where I logged my 10,000 hours but now there you have it and here it is, Rick, this is your expertise.

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Experience teaches you how to be efficient with your time and to maximize everything around one goal - creation. Creating fun. Creating art. Creating flow that transcends every day life and builds a moment that truly becomes divine. People hire us to create magic, while also covering all the little details along the way. If you shoot weddings, you have to love weddings to succeed at them. I don’t know what can be better than a celebration with all your loved ones and having someone as excited as you to be there capturing all the perfection. Excitement is contagious. Positivity is an energy that runs through us all. Some call it the Holy Spirit. Others call it Beyonce. For me, it’s some golden hour light, long lines that stretch to infinity, architecture that may have been normal upon the first glance but become foreign and unique upon the second. It’s a song that we all know and rush the dance floor together upon the intro. I don’t recall all the songs playing out of my back pocket on this day where the UE Boom often resides. But I recall dancing as I walked and dancing when you walk is so much more fun.

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We, the Flow, are almost always seen after the dances are done, having a drink with our clients, cameras strapped on and I’m still taking pictures, often well after the package hours. I’m here for you! This moment is cool! I’m capturing it. This is very rare in my industry. People leave right away all the time. These people are booked by clients all the time. Some deliver a fine product but golly gee can their flow feel so transactional. What can I say, I like to feel the love. Give the love. Receive the love. My grandma always said, people have to learn to care about something other than themselves and few ever achieve it. I decided to care about a good flow first and foremost. The rest falls into place after that.

Lumber Exchange Preferred photos

Venue: Lumber Exchange Event Center // Photography: Flow Event Group // Videography: Flow Event Group // DJ: Flow Event Group // Florals: Lilia Flower Boutique // HMUA: Juut Downtown // Dress: A&Be // Desserts: Farina Baking Company

Alex + Anna // 7-B Ranch

We can promise you this - we will never be bored in life. And if given adequate rest the night before, whenever you ask, we will be one of the most positive, intellectually cheerleading forces throughout your existence. However, if you have been deemed evil, then we will have to destroy you for the sake of those who aren't strong enough to fight for themselves. Luckily, for those unfortunate few, you'll be given ample opportunity to redeem yourself. As our hope and love are infinite. Perhaps, we are all much more god-like than we give ourselves credit for. After all, as our calendar reminds us every Sunday at 12:35pm - "God dwells within you as you." My God has been given quite the ride.

The Scout Guide // Vol. 3 Launch Party

Teams are everything! You need someone on your side. We all want to build our own Googles. I want my office to have a freaking ping pong table! Is that too much to ask? That’s success to me! Maybe having Kombucha on tap while you’re at it! A comfy couch for sure, foosball would be nice too, a sauna, I mean if you want me to keep going I can. Hot tub, I mean it’s Minnesota and who doesn’t love the hot tub / sauna combo! I do. We all do! A very good and stylish expresso machine that we all must learn to operate. I see it in copper or brass. That’s what we want!


The Scout Guide is a team that has a brilliant idea. They get successful businesses from all over Minnesota and show people they exist. Ideally they do it with their best foot forward. They even bring out a stylist and a photographer to capture you in your essence. It could be considered an opportunity to start testing your branding. Show me your “I’ve made it and this who I am and I look fabulous pose!” At least that’s how I’d direct it. I looked like a bit of a snack. I mean it was just a picture of me. I don’t think we put the proper thought into this! Maybe if I was in my underwear or something I would’ve thought “yeah this makes more sense.” Dancing around a fire, in a thatch skirt, with my camera straps still on, a lit sparkler in my mouth, a drink balancing from my head, all while taking video with my chest camera, and photos with my left and right arm, hitting every angle with complimentary opposite lenses, one shoots slow mo the other gets tight and intimate. That’s the picture I need. This is the picture we all need. If we are going to do this lets do it all out!

I was in The Scout Guide one year! I felt pretty cool. I made an amazing friend or two from it. It’s hard to say in life when certain sparks begin but getting like people together just to collide in general is a good move. I met Kaitlyn and Ian there. I mean they play on the kickball team. I don’t think I bestow a better honor upon a loved one any greater than giving them the opportunity to play kickball with us! I’m 100% sure others don’t realize the importance and gravity I give to it but most of them humor me from time to time.

I also worked with Hattie, who is amazing! We ended up shooting her wedding in the glorious Northwoods of Minnesota. I don’t know what sparks a friend but Hattie got me into the Scout Guide and later that summer me, her and her husband and my girlfriend were listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd from my boat on Lake Minnetonka. Everything may not happen for a reason but it surely can happen in a fun way. This was my Scout Guide experience. The general rule of them applies, you get what you put into it! We had some fun!

The Scout Guide Top Vendors
Minneapolis Event Photographer

This is the Scout Guide of last year! I’d like to stay that this party was extra fabulous because we were there and even running The LiveBooth so everyone could get there shot. The people of Flow really know how to have fun in front of the camera. This is Flow and this is Fun!

Venue: Martin Patrick // Photography and Photo Booth: Flow Event Group // Drinks: Hewing Hotel // Host: The Scout Guide