Rachel + Stephen | Bearpath Golf & Country Club

Stephen was my intern way back in 2013 and now I just married him off!

When I met with Stephen and Rachel they said they wanted to be rockstars. And there were moments of tears, laughter, smiles and a kid who could out dance any other human ever! And through it all, I kept thinking how do so many other photographers, videographers, or DJ's ever get bored in this industry? I have only come to one conclusion - they just don't love LOVE anymore. I love LOVE and here is a video showing some legendary love!

PS. I also shot this entire video less than a week out of surgery on my collarbone. With my sling strapped around my button up and using my nose to focus the screen from time to time (my left arm couldn't be raised more than 60 degrees) I stayed until the very end of the wedding (just for fun)! They had a sparkler send off and I wanted to stay longer for them because who doesn't love the beauty of a sparkler send off? Why would you ever leave before capturing that? I sure didn't want too!