When you're immersed in an activity that is simultaneously challenging, invigorating and meaningful, you experience a joyful state called “Flow.”

People often ask us, “Why do we do all the things?” It’s a simple answer: Rick started Flow as a dream. He wanted to create a place where he could practice his craft and improve his talents. He's been a paid DJ since he was 15. He's wanted to make Oscar worthy films since high school, the place where he was also voted most likely to win an Academy Award. He still vows to never let down those who voted for him. His dream is still alive. And ever since college he knew he would be living his passion, as long as he constantly had the opportunity to create. Rick is still in the midst of several unfinished scripts. He is always trying to find more time to write. It’s the only thing he ever complains about... not making enough time to write and bad Flow. Naturally, he is the kingpin of great Flow. 

Everyone who works with Flow becomes a good friend. It's like it’s become a mandatory role in the job description. He figures when people love the others they are working with and are aligned with their intentions and passions that great things will follow. 

The Flow team is made up of people from divine intervention. Reyna was assigned to him as his Take a Tommy to Lunch at the University of St. Thomas through their mentoring program. She interned for two years and now is one of Flow’s great photographers. She has traveled with Flow on events local and international. 

Jenny is Rick’s love. She happens to be gifted in style, class, grace and creative direction. Her experience both on and off set drives her passion for capturing those most spectacular moments. She will be seen with a camera capturing the intimate details as well as lugging lots of equipment. She is freakishly tough. 

Jud and Rick are a relationship built in the stars. It occurred when one supernova exploded and then got subsequently consumed by a black hole and, in the midst of all that was Rick & Jud. Things make sense to them that won’t make sense to you. Just smile and nod, they probably won’t even know you’re there. Jud is his intellectual balance that helps him decide who can still be saved and who has already drowned. When together, they are creative genius incarnate, each one multiplies the others creative talents by 50. It causes a warp in a space/time explosion... it’s near the 42 Galaxy. You’ll want to be invited to their party... 

The Rest of the Flow DJ’s are music gods. They are recording artists and Vegas pool DJs who make up the best of the best! They will cater everything to you even if it’s against their better judgment and most importantly they will always save the day and guarantee you have a raging party. 

This gives you the ultimate gist of Flow - best friends - having fun and trying to create something extraordinary. Everyone knows Rick gets bored with normal. He feels that no one wants to be normal. If anyone ever came across as normal, he’d suggest it's basically because they just haven't been given the freedom or inspiration to not be yet. Going with the Flow is a philosophy. It's spiritual. It's breaking the chains that hold you back. It’s the moments where you will experience true happiness. 

So, where was I? Oh yeah, that’s how Flow does it all. They gather a spaceship of elite crew and Fly off to your galaxy. I’m feeling very galactically transcendental. Check back later, I’m sure it will change again. Like right now as the Killer’s old jam Mr. Bright Side comes on. I’m going to need a minute.


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