KDWB Star Party | The Life of a Rock Star

I still dream of being a rock star. I'm not sure that dream will ever fade nor should it. Being a rock star is the pinnacle of everything. You stand on stage, cut your heart open and let it bleed on the floor for all to see. We, the audience, can connect to this. We can judge it. We can celebrate it. We can ravish in the freedom and happiness it delivers. It's a unique and beautiful experience. Over the past 15 years, the stardom created by our rockstars has grown even more. The take off of the festival scene has made DJ's gods. Being a DJ since I was 15, I always figured we should be gods. After the flow of alcohol the next most important thing is the music! Music is the one bond that connects us all. It rises above politics and petty differences and creates a dream world. I, for one, have no problem living in this dream world. I love it and I can never get enough of it.

Running from the floor to backstage for photos at Myth Nightclub in Minnesota, I all of a sudden got the feeling of being in the Wizard of Oz. Peaking behind the curtain can demystify the experience of the rock star. You talk to them and they are just like everyone else. I get the impression that some are struggling far more than me. What is it that makes up a rock star, I pondered. If you inspire me, you are a rock star. If you challenge me and open my mind to better ways, you become a rock star. It got me thinking about the stage and all the fans screaming out my name for more. I haven't filled a stadium, but I did keep a captive audience at the dinner table for 10 minutes once. Maybe to scale, we are all rockstars! Overall, it's all relative about the number of people who are cheering us on. All that matters in life is that you get up on stage and open your heart for all to see. Show your passion. Show your talent. Dance like AJR. Drum like Nia Lovelis. Swoon your audience like Niall Horan. Shake it like Tinashe. Show us your pain like Julia Michaels. Make us smile like Kyle! Show everyone that you are here to party like Flo Rida. If you do all that - you are the rockstar!  

KDWB Star Party Photograper
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KDWB Star Party 2017
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KDWB Star Party 2017 Photography
KDWB Minnesota Star Party 2017
Julia Michaels KDWB Star Party Flow Event Group
Julia Michaels KDWB Star Party 2017
AJR KDWB Star Party Flow Event Group Minnesota
AJR at KDWB Star Party 2017 Minneapolis Minnesota
AJR KDWB Star Party Minneapolis Minnesota 2017
Niall Horan KDWB Star Party 2017
Niall Horan KDWB Star Party Photographer
Tinashe KDWB Star Party
Tinashe KDWB Star Party 101.3 Minnesota
Tinashe at KDWB Star Party Photographer Minnesota
Niall Horan Star Party 2017 KDWB
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Kyle at KDWB Star Party Minnesota Minnespolis
Kyle KDWB Star Party 101.3 Photographer
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Hey Violet KDWB Star Party 101.3 Photos Video
Hey Violet KDWB Star Party 101.3 Photos
Hey Violet Minnesota Star Party 2017
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KDWB Star Party Flo Rida MN Photos
KDWB Star Party Minnesota
Flo Rida Star Party MN Concert
Flo Rida gives out flowers concert MN
Flo Rida giving out flowers MN
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Flo Rida Bass Player Minnesota Guitar Concert
Flo Rida Girls on Stage Minnesota Star Party
Flo Rida Minnesota Concert 2017 Photographer
KDWB Star Party 101.3
Flo Rida KDWB Star Party Minnesota 2017 Photographer

2017 | Being in the Flow

In all my years... and shockingly I’ve had quite a few of them by now, I’ve never had a year where monstrous changes didn’t occur. I used to go to a coffee shop every Valentine’s Day by myself and write ‘my year in review.’ I honestly couldn’t even recognize the man from the year before. So much changed. I read another book - changed my life. I met a different person - changed my life. I had a different job - changed my life. Year after year, I kept evolving and growing and each new version of myself that was created became so much more... aware. I think that’s the best word for it. Awareness can’t be taught. The subject of the idea itself means it has to be experienced. 

If understood fully, awareness is akin to finding nirvana. It’s the balance of faith, hope, meaning and reason all wrapped up into the exact moment you’re living in right now. The goal is never to forget it and to live in that state of mind infinitely. Every year, I get a little bit better. Each new experience gave birth to a new awareness and an understanding I can’t imagine I ever got by without. So here I am now. 10 years since Flow started. People have come and gone but the Flow has always stayed the same. With our wedding this weekend on the sunny beaches of Clearwater, Florida - it makes our 1000th event! It’s fitting that I’ll be running photography, video and DJ for the celebration. As Liam Neeson said in Taken, “I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a valuable asset for every event worth celebrating!” I added in a twist at the end.  I began this journey by pulling off things others thought was crazy or impossible. Doing it all became part of my new normal. Thankfully, 10 years later, I’ve added on a team of celebrities in their respective field. Somehow, everything came full circle and I’m truly thankful. The next 10 years will bring about even more change. With these changes will be more excitement, more adventure, and events that not only create and capture the imagination but begin a whole new story that we each can call our own.

This is “our year’s favorite moments” with many more to come! I included a best friend who I lost to cancer, another best friend’s wedding day, adventures overseas, oldies but goodies, first times and last times, and falling in love. And most importantly a child’s perfect moment of GLEE! After all, being in the Flow is to be truly happy, challenged and ecstatic about the moment you’re living in right... NOW!


Anya + Slav | How wild and free do you want to be?

North Shore Elopement 

The Minnesota wedding season is right around the corner. Everyone knows you never know what you're going to get in this atmospherically wild and crazy state. In fact, this coming weekend our clients are now planning for a winter wonderland wedding in mid April! 5-8 inches are on the horizon. With weddings you want to plan for everything and most importantly enjoy what you get and maximize all the creativity you can from what Mother Nature gives you. In this gorgeous and romantic elopement shoot we were given overcast skies on the black beaches of the North Shore. I prefer to capture the moment as it is and then help it take off! You may want a light and airy themed day or a moody romantic day in your photos and while our intentions can always be grand, in reality we want to live exactly in the moment that was given to us. This shoot has all the feels with great contrast that lends itself innocently to this young love.

I often think about what wedding I like best. Do I want it big or small? Do I want an intimate or an affair worthy of Gatsby? I'm also the worst to ask because I want them all. I'm reminded of a Two Door Cinema song here... anyone? :) You see, I want both! Most people and budgets call for one or the other. So, pick wisely. There are naturally pros and cons to each. I will tell you what I love about the small and intimate is that it can truly be anything you want it to be. Do you want caviar with your closest 6 on a private beach with no one else in sight? I've done this it was amazing! Do you want to run wildly along the water's edge like this is your own world made just for you? I liked this a lot too! The seclusion of this shoot reminded me of a conversation I had with a woman in Bali last week. She said she loved Bali 4 years ago because she could run on the beach naked and she felt like the whole island was hers. Now others have joined her on this beach so she's in search of her next location where it can be just her and the world. Ask yourself these two important questions and then plan from there. One, how wild, authentic and free do you want to feel on your wedding day? And lastly, who is this wedding really for? You'll plan everything right if you start there! 

Couple: Anya Skorykh and Miroslav Skorykh | Styling by: Laine Palm Designs + Flow Event Group | Gown: The Wedding Shoppe | Makeup: Tina Beaupre | Florals: Lilia Flower Boutique

North Shore Minnesota Duluth Elopement Shoot
North Shore Minnesota Elopement

Sami + Tyler | A Minneapolis Engagement Session

This is what happens when a Minnesota Viking's Cheerleader falls in love with a hard core Green Bay Packer fan from Iowa! Love and rivalry unite in chemistry that makes this fall engagement shoot sizzle. We can't wait to shoot their wedding in Florida next year on the Gulf Coast. 

Minneapolis Engagement Photographer Vikings and Packer themed shoot

Hannah + Brian | Set Your Path Right

Autumn Engagement Shoot

Sometimes a walk on the beach is all you need to set your path right! I met Hannah exactly that way. Myself and two friends just took a walk on a sunny day in Cancun. From that moment on a great friend for life was made! We went out to their land near Spicer, MN for this outdoor engagement shoot. We went to the lake, made a fire up on the hill, did some off roading with the four wheeler and watched the sunset fade into the countryside. I love sunsets! Enjoy :)

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Amanda + Jeremy | And then I thought I was a fish

A Hewing Hotel Wedding 

And then I thought I was a fish... It's a story of a man who goes insane and comes back to real life. The story is a romance for the human mind and takes you far into the awareness of what it’s like to ponder our existence. For some reason, I've always been inspired by those who are a little crazy. And as they say, being a little crazy helps you from going insane. On the surface, there is nothing more normal than Jeremy and Amanda. They are successful, well-liked individuals, with big corporation employment who love their friends and family and Tito's and soda. They are the American dream. It was an unlikely friendship the moment Jeremy and I met. In a sense, we think on the opposite scale of most things. But it's that exact reason that made me know that he'd be a lifetime favorite friend of mine. Everything I think about in life came from this intuitive sense and Jeremy showed me the logical. We are an ideal balance. It’s a perfect bond and one I often reference in my every day life to this day. 

Now we introduce Amanda - the yin to his yang. She had all the perfect fun and crazy I was always giving Jeremy but in a much more attractive package. Her crazy involves charcuterie plates that would put Spoon and Stable to shame, dress up days that can involve various mustachery and trucker caps (Yaaasss Queen)! What would a blog post be about best friends if you didn’t have one inside joke! Amanda has an idea, we all love it because it’s always a fun idea! Amanda can suggest anything and I’ll say we should all be in. Sign me up! The bonus being she’ll plan it too and bring snacks! I do crave and seek out the logical often in life. After all, life needs a balance. And as Jeremy says I often talk at 30,000 feet - “can you bring it down to 10,000 feet for me?” I certainly try. 

I’ve learned we all crave our unique form of balance and that balance feels a bit crazy to me. I like the insanely logical and intellectual conversation and at the same time want to make fun of myself for taking life so seriously and just let go and joke, goof off, and be ridiculous. Love is crazy. It takes on a multitude of forms. It challenges us far past our tipping point and thus teaching us the perfect balance. I think this is exactly what makes it so sweet, so spectacular, so damn exciting. I embrace the crazy, we all should embrace a little more crazy in life. The crazier we get the more apt we are to find the perfect balance. And if all else fails, maybe some day you’ll think you’re a fish too.

Photography, DJ, LiveBooth: Flow Event Group

Venue: Hewing Hotel

Hewing Hotel Autumn Wedding Photography
Hewing Hotel Autumn Wedding Photography

Claire + Casey | A Mill City Museum Wedding Day Preview

What can I say, I love the people who live life to the fullest the most. I always have. I always will. Claire and Casey have a zest for life that is contagious and we've been thankful to be included on the ride. Their wedding day was no exception as we closed down a rocking dance party at Mill City to continue on with more festivities at the local Irish pub across the street! Here is Claire & Casey's wedding day preview!

Venue: Mill City Museum

Photography: Flow Event Group

Videography: Flow Event Group

Dj: Flow Event Group

Mill city ruins wedding photography
Mill city ruins wedding photography

Autumn Apple Orchard Shoot | Minnetonka Orchard

We walked around the lakes in uptown on Sunday. I found a bench to take a break and watch the world go by. Watching the world go by is one of my favorite pastimes. I witnessed a little dog in passing lunge out at a much bigger dog, the owners both grabbed their leashes hard and carried on their way. It got me thinking how one of the many characteristics of a dog that avid dog lovers are fond of, is their lack of awareness of their own limits. A tiny Chihuahua will bark and snap at a German Sheppard to no end, unaware that the dog himself could tear him a part in a moment. It's that bravado and unwavering simplicity that makes the dog mans best friend. Their love feels like endless loyalty. I really like dogs for this trait. Many humans are much like dogs, unaware of what they look like, in disbelief of their potential, and insecure in many of their actions with others (hence the little dogs bark). These unanswered questions cause them to continue about their days in a gray malaise rather nonchalantly.

Now as little Hemingway (my 9 week old ragdoll kitten) currently lies on my lap I'd be remiss not to mention the humans that are more cat like. They tend to be hyper aware of every motion, every shadow, every touch. These people have mastered the movement of their bodies, and memorized every glance, subtlety, and each sparkle they can produce. They like some independence and instinctively hunt for prey. When you have the claws why not use them? And with nine lives they aren't limited to much. The also spend a lot of time chasing their own tale. I mean it's right there and there really wasn't anything else to do at the time. I can relate to this as well.

We strive to capture timeless images and create movies that tell the authentic story of our couples. We want to capture them raw, exposed, happy, sad, and my personal favorite - limitless. I want people to see all the beauty they have in their lives. I want them to feel thankful and humbled by their gratitude for all the love that came to give witness to them. I want their happiness to echo off the walls. I say bark at the big dog if you see fit, dance on the dance floor by yourself if no one will join you, someone will certainly always at least be watching you. And when you look that good all made up in that dress why not hunt for some prey? Carry simplicity with your joy and you'll soon be stretching yourself far beyond your previous limits. Be aware of your motions, of each subtlety throughout the day that may give rise to a new sparkle of laughter and connection. Chase your own tale for a while - it's fun. Hemingway never looks embarrassed for doing it. I applaud her. After all, life only becomes interesting when you become interesting yourself. We all want to be interesting. We all want to be happy and limitless. So let's do it. Let's dance! Let's all get dressed up, eat good food, drink and be merry. I'm 100% in 100% of the time! Be limitless - cats and dogs can do it. 

Photographer: Flow Event Group | Videography: Flow Event Group | Event Planning and Styling: MH Event Productions and Styling | Hair: @natashafreitag | Makeup: Soco Jo Artistry | Venue: Minnetonka Orchards | Florist: Wisteria Design | Model: Riley King  | Dresses: Bridal Accents Couture | Accessories: Gathered Goods | Food: Lucky's 13 

Minneapolis and Minnetonka Bride
Minneapolis Autumn Wedding Photographer
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Table Setting
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Table Setting
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Table Setting
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Table Setting
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride with red barn door
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn barn styled shoot
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Bright Autumn Bouquet
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Table Setting
MinneapolisWeddingPhotographer (23 of 32).jpg
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride
Minnetonka Orchard Wedding Photography Autumn Bride
Bridal Accents Couture Wedding Gown Bridal Portrait shot in an apple orchard
Aerial Video Photography DJI Drone Minnetonka

Michelle + Mark | Guthrie and Hewing Hotel Wedding Photography

We believe in capturing the personality and essence of every wedding we shoot.  And let me tell you, every personality at a wedding is different.  

Mark and Michelle got every detail of their wedding right.  We started with picturesque lighting in the Hewing with their unique walls and accents. The Guthrie was also a major win as it always brings awe to your guests with the one of a kind lighting inside for their reception and the custom monogram and downtown skyline detailed in lights. Mark and his groomsmen were even decked out in the gaper shades that everyone who has frequented Vail and Aspen knows all to well. 

We pulled out all of the stops to make this wedding unique for this amazing couple!  We had a private first look atop the Hewing Rooftop, did a drone fly amongst the Mill City ruins and Gold Medal park, multiple shoot locations, and even yielded their request of transforming their amber box ceremony location into a color that isn't amber.  

For future bride and grooms, I would not recommend asking your photographer to re-shape reality but with Flow we specialize in creating perfection even if we have to reshape it to a new reality.  You've never seen the amber box at the Guthrie Theater look so perfect for a ceremony before! 

We had a lot of fun with this collective group, and we think that you'll see their personalities really shining through in their photos and video. 

Getting Ready Venue: Hewing Hotel

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Guthrie 

Videography: Flow Event Group

Photography: Flow Event Group

Dj: Flow Event Group

Kaylee + John | Minneapolis Event Center Wedding Photography Preview

I’ve learned every motion in life can be similar to a military mission. My grandpa was a pilot in wars dating back to WWII. His perspective on life was near flawless. It’s a natural result from experiencing life and the even more powerful circumstance sometimes, surviving it. In life with each trial and tribulation you survive, the stronger you become. If you’re reading this today, we are all survivors, and that is something to be celebrated! Having experienced hundreds of weddings, I have begun to perfect my game plan. I want to do much more than survive these days. Now I want to thrive, conquer and perform flawlessly with each mission. I gathered the team together an hour before takeoff. It’s important to get everyone in the right mindset and comfortable with the mission ahead. Wind 15mph from the SW, visibility near 100%, Kaylee & John’s wedding took off on a gorgeous, sunny September Minneapolis day.


The team with Jud, Reyna and myself was flying in perfect formation. When I banked left, we all banked left simultaneously, we were reading each other’s mind. We talked of the perfect mission throughout the day. Now perfection in the creative world is everything but objective. Since I’m always seeking perfect flow with each life mission, the goal is to help inspire and create genuine feelings and spontaneous joy! Above all things, joy was certainly experienced for us all! After an epic photo shoot one groomsman hands me a cold Coors Light and then an angel of a bridesmaid, Pauline, hands me some of her trail mix. It was like they were reading our minds now too! A few peanuts and rocky mountain water regained my energy like Popeye and spinach. I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that the joy inside your own heart will directly translate to all the joy and happiness in others around you. This felt like a wedding of constant thankfulness, gratefulness and joy. I was glad to experience every aspect of it. Here is the preview of Kaylee and John! 

Minneapolis Event Center Wedding Photography Popping Champagne Bottles
Minneapolis Wedding Photography Brides in floral robes from BHLDN
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer First Look
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer Fine Art Veil Shot
Minneapolis fine art wedding photographer
Minneapolis Event Center Wedding Photography bridal portraits
Minneapolis Wedding photography
Minneapolis wedding photography adorable bridesmaids photo
Behind the scenes Minneapolis wedding photography
Golden Hour Minneapolis Event Center Wedding photography