When you're immersed in an activity that is simultaneously challenging, invigorating and meaningful, you experience a joyful state called “Flow.”

Rick started Flow as a dream. He wanted to create a place where he could practice his craft and improve his talents. He's been a paid DJ since he was 15. He's wanted to make Oscar worthy films since high school, the place where he was also voted most likely to win an Academy Award. He still vows to never let those down who voted for him. His dream is still alive. And ever since college he knew he would be living his passion as long as he constantly had the opportunity to create. This is what sums up Flow. Everyone who works with Flow becomes a good friend. It's like it’s become a mandatory role in the job description. He figures when people love the others they are working with and are aligned with their intentions and passions that great things will follow. 

Rick met Reyna when he was assigned as her mentor at St. Thomas. She interned with Flow for two years and came on full time as soon as she graduated. She calls Rick her best friend. Rick feels likewise. He goes on to say that they will be creating groundbreaking content and changing their clients lives together until he dies. He claims this won’t be happening until 2084. Reyna is passionate about everything she does and you'll never find someone with a perpetual smile on her face more than her.

Jud is Rick’s best philosopher friend and the person he loves discussing video, meaning, and life with. They love each other as well but never use those exact words. Jud is a lawyer who finds meaning in defending people who can't defend themselves. When he doesn't lawyer - he watches videos, creates homemade movies and tries to get Rick to watch the most cutting edge, off the beaten track, where did you find this - video content the internet has to offer. Jud comes over to Rick’s house and opens the fridge and eats whatever he wants. Rick provides him whatever he wants as well. Jud bikes and Onewheel’s with Rick and they play on the same kickball team together. Side note all the Flow wedding packages are named after Rick’s kickball teams. Rick will leave his home and studio and head off to meetings and leave Reyna or Jud at his home as they basically have keys. 

Rick continues to stay passionately involved in the local and global music scene. He has taken his staff and DJ’s to many shows at First Avenue, festivals such as, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Ultra in Croatia! Reyna even survived and thrived in Croatia much to everyone’s surprise. They even saw many sunsets and sunrises. On the other hand, Jud slept through most of Bonnaroo. Jud likes to sleep more than Rick. Rick has literally, not figuratively, worked a wedding on all seven days of the week. He has been either the Photographer, DJ, or Videographer for more than 600 weddings. If there is a Guinness Book of world records for the most weddings worked ever - Rick must be near the top! He is having someone looking into his current ranking. 

This gives you the ultimate gist of Flow - best friends - having fun and trying to create something extraordinary. Everyone knows Rick gets bored with normal. He feels that no one wants to be normal. If anyone ever came across as normal, he’d suggest it's basically because they just haven't been given the freedom or inspiration to not be yet. Going with the Flow is a philosophy. It's spiritual. It's breaking the chains that hold you back. It’s the moments where you will experience true happiness. It sounds like the kind’ve team I’d want with me for every special event! 

-Anonymous (participant of the Flow)